Atiku’s May Day message

Speaking on this year’s May Day commemoration former, Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, in a statement made available to Blueprint said: “Nigerian workers, I congratulate you for this day. I salute your courage and resilience going through one of the most trying economic
times in Nigeria’s history. But these challenges are showing how resilient and hardworking Nigerians are and that your indomitable spirit and work ethic will continue to go unchallenged throughout all of Africa.
“The minimum wage of 18,000 per month (less than $50), as is currently obtained in the country, considering the current economic reality is not only ill-motivating but embarrassing”.
Expressing concern over what he describes as “the continuing rate of de-industrialization in our economy particularly our manufacturing sector which is supposed to create jobs for our productive youths”, the former vice president bemoans the current unfavourable conditions which the workers operate, saying “the economy continued to face decline as a result of unfavourable conditions imposed by the challenges of epileptic power supply, high cost of credit, and multiple exchange rate regime and in extreme case inadequate foreign exchange supply and depreciating value of the naira. This trend must be reversed”.


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