Atmosphere of grief, depression

When night came, death sat on the street in shackles, stretching his hands towards all who passed. It went out from the city to the highway connecting to the northeastern part of the country.

For the past decades, Jos town had been a blood flowing river, where innocent souls are slaughtered. From those who knew what had happened to those who were in shock to receive the news where all in pain and anguish of what had happened.

Jos town was a cool city with beautiful weather and atmosphere for a good livelihood. I remembered our father telling us if not because of the crisis happening in Jos, he can live there with all his family because of the weather.
There was a time I could recall, my family was traveling from Bauchi to Abuja, they had a flat tyre at a village in Jos to Bauchi highway. Getting a vulcanizer to fix the tyre was a problem. it was on sunday, but luckily we got one.

But what was surprising was that the vulcanizer was intimidated not to do his work by some people around there because they noticed we were Muslims.

At that time, he had no option than to do it, because we saw all the tools he needed to bring back everything intact. My mother was scared and moved out of the car before the repairing starts. She became idle and everyone around were just looking at our car in an unbearable manner that we should just move fast and take our leave.

The killings of the 33 travelers on Jos- Bauchi highway returning from Bauchi was unbearable and it brought grief, shock and depression. Irigwe youths did what the soul could not take nor the heart to bear hearing or seeing the incidence.
A lot of things have been happening in some villagers around Jos, which is more of religious and ethnicity. But the fact that some youth invaded those who knew nothing and were left in cold blooded brought the issue happening around to the limelight.

In a society where the youth suffered from the disease of illiteracy, how did you think they have love for humanity. If there are not insane, then the security agencies should be more drunk and bring those involved to the law to face the punishment according to what they did.
Is this a country where we pretend to be one, regardless of our religion and ethnicity? This has been a question that has been longing for long without congnitive answer. Investing time and investigating this incidence is the only solution, and to bring those involved to face the punishment.

Isah Aliyu Chiroma,
[email protected]

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