Attention, Governor Buni

Yobe state governor Mai Mala Buni

I write, humbly, to call the attention of Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe state on the need to build government day secondary schools for the girl child across the 17 local government areas of Yobe state; there is no single day school for the girl child from JSS1 to SS3.

We all know that Yobe is among the states with the highest number of out-of-school children in Nigeria, and the number is rapidly growing and if care is not taken nobody knows what the future holds for the younger generation.

The building of the girl child government day secondary schools in Yobe state will help in maintaining the rights of girls to education without undergoing some unpleasant circumstances. It will also help to reform the education system of the state by having a large number of girls enrolled in government day secondary schools.

However, there is a need for new government day secondary schools for girls from JSS1 to SS3 for a reason. Other parts of the country have developed by building such schools for girls to let the girls have open opportunities to handle studies, home responsibility, and business. Building a single-gender day school for girls will inspire thousands of parents/guardians to enroll their children in school as they have no interest or personal reasons for not enrolling them in boarding schools, which is what we have here for girls in Yobe state.

There is also inadequate character training being acquired from most of the boarding schools as a result of lacking parental control and that issues keep on escalating which worries the parents/guardians about the future of their girl children. 

Indeed, the government should focus on building boarding schools for girls, which will encourage the girls to have proper motivation on acquiring knowledge that will bring about sustainable development to the state.
I will also like to draw the attention of the governor to look above his shoulders and live up to his campaign promises.

Kasim Isa Muhammad,Potiskum, Yobe state

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