AUPCTRE boss tasks’ employers on industrial relations

National   Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE) Comrade Benjamin Anthony has enjoined employers as well as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in the country to be up to date on industrial relations issues.

 Comrade Anthony, was speaking on the crisis between workers of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and her management over some industrial disputes, also  said  employers of labour must see workers as partners in progress rather than seeing them as trouble makers.

The union leader regretted the happenings at the CAC  where, according to him, the right of workers was being trampled upon by the management.

He said  all efforts by the union to make the CAC Registrar General dialogue with the workers proved unfruitful.

 While commending Comrade Ayuba Wabba for leading other labour leaders and workers to successfully picket   Wednesday, AUPCTRE disclosed that the outcome of the exercise  yielded a positive .

 “Well, the picketing was very successful.. You can see the signature clearly on the premises and you can see that the participation was excellent and it all went well. And  let me salute the congress Ayuba Wabba for leading that . Such   helps to enlighten the general public to know the issues in CAC and the issues can be addressed if not for the attitude of the CEO, and some of feel you can’t lead an organization with pride, more so that that organisation belongs to the people of .

 “Every Nigerian in CAC has the same right as the CEO, and I don’t also believe that the CEO can handle his organisation the way he is handling CAC, industrial relations in the workplace is key and engagement of the unions is also important.  Like  you are aware, several letters were written but the CEO ignored and that prompted the NEC of the congress to issue a directive that the place be picketed.

 “We are seeing the response from all angles and we believe that sooner, the issues would be settled, everything has been put to rest. To  some of , we believe that our sister union didn’t understand. We are pained because they were speaking like management and the trade union is a serious business and that is why when they came, we all looked at the issues and we all agreed to work together to give cover and protection to the workers of CAC.

 “I advise the management not to look at workers as enemies rather see them as partners. The  workers are there to check. Also, I wish to state that the Human department of every organisation should make sure it is up to date with industrial relations.”

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