B/Haram: Nigerians’ll soon celebrate the Army – Cleric

The Archbishop of South-South Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria, Julius Ediwe, has said Nigerians will soon celebrate the efforts of the Army in the fight against terrorism and other security challenges.

The clergy, known for his accurate predictions on the state of affairs in the country, stated this in an interview with journalists at the weekend, emphasising that there has been a strategic alliance against Nigeria by neighboring francophone countries, and this has been aiding and abetting the Boko Haram/ISWAP fighters in launching offensives against Nigeria.

“The war against terrorism in Nigeria has assumed a dangerous dimension that has seen to the fact that some of our neighbors have been carrying out acts that undermine the efforts of the Nigerian Army in ensuring that the remnants of the terrorist group are wiped out.”

“This is a serious endeavour that requires not only the physical effort but also the spiritual efforts in praying and fasting for God in his infinite mercies to come to Nigeria’s rescue at  this critical point of our existence.”

He took a swipe at France and other francophone countries along the Lake Chad Basin region for the inglorious role they have been playing, resulting in the buoyancy of activities of the insurgents in recent times.

“France and its allies must realise that they have not been good neighbours of Nigeria for whatever reason. A situation where the Boko Haram group has found solace in their territories from where they launch attacks against Nigeria is ungodly and against every known form of friendship.

“As we know, there is currently some in-fighting in the Boko Haram/ISWAP camp, and this is as a result of the relentless prayers offered by well-meaning Nigerians, as well as the tremendous efforts of the Nigerian military against the insurgents.

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