Badaru begs Buhari to reverse fuel price, electricity tariff hike

Jigawa state overnor, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar has pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari to look into the plight of Nigerians by reversing the fuel price and electricity tariff hike.

Badaru, who made the call at the commissioning of township roads in Gumel, headquarters of Gumel local government area, begged President Buhari to look into the situation with a view to reducing the cost.

“I want to use this occasion to beg Mr. President, Baba Buhari, our father who always gives us money to execute various projects for our people to look into the fuel and electricity tariff problem to easing up the situation,” he stressed.

He added “People used to ask me where I was getting the money to carry out various projects for the people of Jigawa state; and I said it is Baba Buhari who loves us so much that gives us the money.”

According to him, “All the road projects I completed from the previous administration plus the ones that I initiated and completed in five years, I give Baba Buhari the credit.”

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