Bafarawa’s volte face

Bafarawa’s recent declaration for had been anticipated. He is merely exploring some political niche for himself in efforts to redress past failures.  However, does this political rigmarole help him?  His new found romance with , which he previously loathed like the plague, is bizarre calculation, and it seems the in the state relishes the political puzzle it has created in the minds of people.

As things stand, whether would accept Bafarawa as leader of the in the state is one that has not been addressed. It is going to be tricky one, given that the former governor’s well-known expletives directed at the when he was first as governor of Sokoto and then as founder and leader of DPP. There is also of how to place him in the new vis-à-vis Alhaji Muhtar Shagari, incumbent deputy governor of , who has stated would not leave .

It is an interesting political ; how the would be able to keep that way, and still make headway in the obviously solid grip of the state by the led by Wamakko, remains to be seen. So Bafarawa may have new ; but would he make any difference? Hardly!

Abdulkadir Umar,

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