Bahaí community marks new year


The Bahaí faith community in Nigeria has marked the Bahaí new year, Naw Ruz, with a call on leaders to dedicate themselves to service of humanity for the betterment of the nation.

Speaking with journalists at the end of the 19-day-fasting to usher the new calendar year of the faith, chairman of the Spiritual Assembly of Bahaí in Nigeria, Barrister Lawrence Alobi, also called on leaders to live a life worthy of emulation like the Prophets of God did.

Alobi, a former Commissioner of Police (CP) said, “Leadership is for service and sacrifice. All messengers of God came to sacrifice their life for man’s salvation.

“They teach the virtues of service, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and humility. Our leaders should learn to know that leadership does not mean he who controls power but he who serves and contribute to the betterment of the society.”

Speaking further, he urged Nigerians to tolerate one another and be at the forefront of promoting peace, stating that religion is meant to promote peace and harmony, not war.

“Just like our constitution provides that the primary purpose of government is for the security and wellbeing of the people, likewise religion is for the spiritual and social wellbeing of mankind. It is meant to promote peace and harmony and not war.

“So, the Bahaí Faith teaches the oneness of God and the oneness of mankind. The fundamentals of the faith are to promote world peace and unity. We are fingers of one hand, branches and fruits of the same tree.”


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