Bala and the cloudy future of Bauchi

Anywhere in the entire vast globe, it’s an established fact that leadership is driven by the credibility, perspicacity, and commitment of the leader.

Of course, when the history of a leader is disquieted with various contentions and doubts, he may end up exhibiting his inordinate peculiarities which will endanger the future, progress, and elude good and purposeful leadership.

On the other twists, when people with outstanding records and clean bill of antecedents assend leadership position, there are bound to be a resolute stewardship cum unstinting ways of resource management.

Yes, the difference between the two types of leaders is clearly spelt out and the consequences of each of them are certainly expected wherever he reins.

I keenly followed the politics in my state of Bauchi where I did not involve myself much in it but being a bona fide daughter and indigene of the state, whether I like it or not, it must in one way or the other affect me either positively or negatively.

Unfortunately, the way it goes, brings into the line my fear and compelling reason to pen down this.

In fact, to me and many of my kind who feel the way I felt and decided not to talk or don’t possess the means to voice out their position, in all sense of comparison and justification, replacing M.A Abubakar with Bala Mohammed will be of great drawback for the entire state.

However, the fate of the state is still hanging at the election petition tribunal where we pray for justice and fairness.

Recently, I read stories, one by the online medium, Premium Times, with headline; Ex-radio chief indicted for theft, fraud nominated Bauchi commissioner; and the other one by Daily Trust newspaper with headline; Public officers with graft cases on their necks where Bala Mohammed corruption cases were chronicled.

Certainly as expected, this has affirmed my concerns and fears on the future of our dear state.

This is not by any means intended to be a comprehensive discussion of the many corruption allegations against the Governor of Bauchi state which have continued to; on one hand infirm the possibility of a successful running of the machinery of governance in Bauchi state under the leadership of Gov. Bala Mohammed, and how corrupt practice is becoming a choice lifestyle on the corridors of power – no thanks to impunity, but to ensure that we remind whoever cares to listen that integrity is what will take our state out of the woods.

It is the considered opinion of yours truly that we continue to remind ourselves not to accept this unfortunate relapse into a system of mindless graft. Bauchi cannot afford to become a society that is enmeshed in the cesspool of corruption and wantonness.

I concede that Governor Bala Mohammed may indeed have good intentions to move forward the Pearl of Tourism. However, as it is being said, good intentions are simply not good enough.

By virtue of how he emerged governor, a dramatic and fundamentally flawed process, coupled with the heavy mass of corruption portfolios, it is almost certain that the gains so far recorded under the administration of his predecessor Barrister M. A. Abubakar will continue to suffer serious reversal.

The good people of Bauchi cannot be said to be liable for the administrative liability that the government of Bala Mohammed has become. This abundantly proved itself in the election where evidence showed that Abubakar won in 15 local government areas and Bala Mohammed has won in five local government areas with alleged massive rigging in Bauchi and Tafawa Balewa local government areas.

The emergence of Bala, which continues to prove very horrific everyday shows that we must continue to stay watchful and alert as corruption has sneaky ways of penetrating the walls of integrity.

But what promises does the current administration in the state hold? And what attraction does he hold to the generality of our people?

The grim facts speak for themselves.

In spite of the N11 billion left behind by the Abubakar administration, over the last 100 days, Governor Bala Mohammed has ruled with the most soulless propaganda machinery.

To them, as it seems, there is no need to honour any of the promises made during their electioneering campaigns. For instance, the annual leave bonus promised the hardworking men and women of the state civil service has been thrashed.

Whereas some believe that the administration is unwilling to do the right things, yours truly believes otherwise. The overwhelming count charges of financial offences will mar any effort or good intentions of any individual or government.

And until the final determination of the election petition case, our good people of Bauchi may not expect any changes from the Bala Mohammed administration.

Aishatu Umaru writes from Bauchi

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