Bald eagle stuck in car grill rescued in Florida

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What appeared at first to be a 3D decal on the front of a car bumper, turned out to be a live eagle. The driver who noticed the eagle stuck in the front grill of a passing car chased down the vehicle and alerted police.
Clay County police and firefighters were soon on the seen, and were able to dislodge the eagle. The bird apparently became lodged in the front of the car when it flew too close in front of the oncoming vehicle.
“The bird is alive and was turned over to the B.E.A.K.S. ,” the Clay County Sheriff’s Office reported on Facebook. “Great job by all involved.”
Owner of the bird sanctuary, Cynthia Mosling, told CNN the eagle doesn’t appear to have any serious injuries and is standing up, alert and walking around. She believes the eagle is a mature male, at least seven years old.
Mosling and her colleagues named the bird “Matthew” after the hurricane that recently passed through Florida. Matthew will be released after being nursed back to full health.

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