Bank accounts: ActionAid makes case for unemployed Nigerians

Following the federal government announcement that effective from January 2020 that Nigerians are required to produce their Tax Indentification Numbers (TIN) before they can operate existing or new accounts, ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) has said the development should be reviewed considering the level of unemployment in the country .

The Country Director of ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) Ene Obi stated this at the National Tax Summit organised by ActionAid Nigeria in collaboration with Tax Justice and Governance platform in Abuja on Tuesday . 
According to her, the level of unemployment in the country is high that it will be very difficult for an unemployed Nigerian to generate a TIN. 
She urged that Nigerians who already have a Bank Verification Number (BVN) should be allowed to harmonise it with their TIN . 
She further urged the federal government engage in consultation before going ahead to implement it.   

Ene said the country should be able to make it tax work for Nigerians especially those who earn very little.
“If money for taxes are harnessed enough and widened by means of industrialisation  to create jobs for the masses, the money can work for us,” she said.
She explained that the summit is seeking to look at people with multiple taxation, the issue of increase in VAT and more cooperate companies that can widen their tax base.

Also, the Assistant General Secretary of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) James Eustace said widening the tax network and explore all possibilities to ensure that big businesses and corporations pay their correct taxes .
According to him, these will ensure that tax regime is reviewed and implemented constructively, so that Nigerians can get the benefit.

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