Bassa-Egbura crisis: Group accuses traditional ruler, police chief of complicity

A youth group in Mozum, Bassa local government area of Kogi state, known as Mozum Concerned Youth Advocacy (MCYA), has accused the Aguma of Oguma of hosting a warring youth group of Bassa- Komo ethnic group to a meeting where a decision to raze down houses belonging to Egbura in Sheria, Landu, Ankura and Oguma communities was taken.

According to the youth group, these communities woke up on the 26th of December, being Boxing Day, to witness the destruction and razing of their houses numbering about 50 by Bassa- Komo militia without challenge from security personnel in the area.

A statement signed by Hamzat Mohammed, Vice Chairman of the MCYA, the group accused the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the LGA of complicity in the crisis. He was accused of not doing much to prevent the destruction of houses and downplaying the number of destroyed houses of Egburas.

The statement read in part: : “Before now, the same DPO gave unconvincing excuses when the remaining houses belonging to Egbura in Biroko community were destroyed successfully for four days without any challenge.

“We are therefore worried that this act could be accomplished unrestricted and in full glare of the DPO as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the LGA area and Aguma of Bassa-Komo who doubles as the Chairman, Bassa LGA Traditional Council without any arrest.”

The group commended the Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, for the steps he has taken since the beginning of the crisis earlier this year and called on him to expedite action on the implementation of the report of Judicial Panel of enquiry on the crisis in Bassa LGA.

The group also called on the state government to further take steps to return the displaced Egburas back to their homes while taking necessary steps to protect them.

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