Bauchi: Dogara’s coalition as rumbling of drowning men


Nothing exposes the dying influence of Speaker Yakubu Dogara and his lots in Bauchi politics more than their recent ranting about forming a coalition to unseat Bauchi state Governor, Mohammed Abubakar.

Dogara and his partners in this dead-on-arrival venture, had while addressing the press in Bauchi, recently, said they were all out to wrestle power from our performing governor, citing ill-conceived reasons of non-performance.

Perhaps what the so-called coalition and its forerunners do not know is that the good people of Bauchi state are wise enough to differentiate between genuine love for the state and outright desire to scramble for its vast resources for self reasons.

Indeed, those behind the formation of a coalition against Governor Abubakar  are bad losers who appear to be writhing from the pain of defeat and the shame of being left with nothing to campaign about since the incumbent governor is doing a good job.

It is crystal clear that the so-called coalition and indeed, all those associated with it, are driven by selfish desires, as they are pure enemies of the state who must be seen for what they are.

For want of being repetitive, readers may recall that governorship candidates of five political parties in Bauchi State namely People’s Redemption Party (PRP), Professor Ali Pate; People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Bala Mohammed; Green Party of Nigeria (GPN),  Alhaji Muhammed Jumba; People’s Democratic   Movement (PDM) Ahmed Iliyasu and governorship aspirant of All Progressive Congress (APC) Dr Yakubu Lame, have formed a coalition that might possibly lead to the presentation of one of them as  formidable candidate to contest against the incumbent governor in March 2019 election. 

Leader of the coalition, Bello Kirfi, said it was aimed at ‘salvaging the state from the APC maladministration in the state in March 2019 election. I am compelled to ask even if rhetorically, how do these people intend to salvage the state?

 An average citizen of Bauchi state knows that the coalition is driven by sheer selfishness and envy having been put to shame by the governor whose performance has led to massive acceptance by average electorate in the state.

This gathering of desperate power seekers need be told that power belongs to God who gives to whoever He wishes, when he so wish and how he wished.

 I feel for the coalition because it is worried and at a loss having been arm-twisted by a governor who ensured that the state and its resources are not being managed in reckless manner, as they wanted, hence their worry. 

Indeed, if there is anything, their action and that singular press conference has further exposed them as the real enemies of Bauchi State because they are all out to change the direction of good governance for which the state and its people have been proud of in the past four years.

 Well, it is imperative to admonish these guys to brace up for resounding defeat at the polls, because the good people of Bauchi state cannot be deceived by the antics of people who don’t mean well for the state.

It is given that this, and any other group like it, will crumble like a pack of cards because the idea behind its formation is counterproductive. The people of Bauchi know that we have a governor that is performing and hence deserves to be supported.

Governor Abubakar has proved his mettle as seasoned leader who knows what the people of Bauchi state want, and is delivering on his promises in critical areas of health, education, water supply and poverty alleviation. This is what those behind the so-called coalition don’t want to see.

One funny thing is the allegations by the coalition that the state government has masterminded a plot to perpetuate violence on unprecedented scale to ensure that the present administration continues to rule over the affairs of the state.

I can’t think of anything more baseless and fallacious than this. These people are telling us their plans for the forthcoming polls and we will be vigilant to guard against it.

From my encounter with some electorates, I am impressed that the consensus is that the good people of  the state  know that the coalition are   agents of underdevelopment and enemies of our people  who must be defeated and prevented from unleashing mayhem on the state under whatever guise howsoever.

I like to personally warn the people of Bauchi state not to joke with the future of their children by supporting people that do not care about the future of the state, so long as their personal desires of self-enrichment are met.

Good enough, few hours after the formation of the dead-on-arrival coalition, thirty other political parties have however endorsed the governor for second term.

Addressing journalists, the spokesperson of the parties, Comrade Abdullahi Muhammad said the move was taken after careful review of the APC progressive agenda, developmental projects and the policies of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Mohammed Abubakar in the last four years.

Some of the leaders of the parties who were present during the press conference were the African Peoples Alliance APA, National Conscience Party NCP, Young Progressive Party YPP, Labour Party LP, United Democratic Party UDP, National Action Council NAC, Democratic People’s Party DPP, Abudant Nigeria Renewal Party ANRP, Action Alliance AA amongst others.

He said the opposition political parties have realized that they have similar objectives with the ruling party, which centre on national progress, economic transformation, peace, security and national development.

He said that they have dissociated themselves from other political parties who formed a coalition against the APC, and resolved to support and campaign for the party in Bauchi State at all levels in the forthcoming 2019 general elections.

Ride on Governor M.A and continue to put our state on a sound pedestal beyond May 2019 in sha Allah.

Abdul lives in Wunti, Bauchi state,  and can be reached through:[email protected]

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