Bauchi: DPR allays fears of Tirwun community over power plant


The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has dispelled the fear of Tirwun community of Bauchi local of Bauchi state on the establishment of a gas plant.

Residents of the community had recently raised the alarm over the construction of the gas plant by Action Energy Limited.

The community pointed out that the proposed gas plant poses danger to them saying in the event of explosion, it would burn their houses and a congregational Friday Mosque that is close to the station under construction.

However, the Comptroller of DPR, Bauchi field office, Abdullahi Iliyasu, in an interview with Blueprint allayed the fear of the community saying that the department had conducted an assessment of the site and found it safe before granting the owners approval to establish the gas plant.

He said one of the guidelines for citing a gas plant is that it must be about 50 meters away from residences adding that in the case of Tirwun gas plant, there is a distance of 70 meters.

“Between the plant and the said mosque, there is a demarcating road. The land was cleared; it will not cause any harm or problem. Based on that, the land was approved for the building of gas plant

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