Bauchi herbalists decry neglect by govt, society

Traditional doctors in Bauchi state under the aegis of the Bauchi Union of National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medical Practitioners (BUNANTMP) have decried their alleged neglect by the state government despite their immense contributions in the society.

Chairman of the union, Dr Gambo A. Bababa, in an interview with newsmen yesterday in Bauchi claimed that they have specialists who are good at treating various ailments and diseases as can be found in any modern hospital, lamenting that they are however being neglected by government and poorly paid by their customers.

He said it is high time government at all levels to built hospitals for the herbalists and pay them salaries or allowances, claiming that patients whose problems could not be treated or cured by the orthodox doctors are being referred to the traditional doctors ‘because they have medicines for all diseases.’

“For instance, if a sick person is brought to us, you will see that we do not have befitting place to host him. Some of us are even treating patients in bush or under trees because we do not have an organized centre where we can look after our clients, hence the need for the government to intervene in that regard’’, he appealed.

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