Bauchi PDP: Journey to dead ends

Let me start by registering my unalloyed support and deep appreciation to the leader of our party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi dtate who made us proud as a reformer, a performer and the first to dislodge a sitting governor.

No doubt, Governor Bala Mohammed is the architect of modern Bauchi, and a proud son of the soil; the man of hope and vision, indeed, no machine can do the work of this extraordinary gentleman.

Permit me to use this medium to humbly remind our leader, the sacrifices we made to keep the ball floating in high speed with admiration and envy from the opposition.

We are aware of your efforts in carrying everyone along, your capacity and resilience shall never be under estimated.

Sir! Let’s remind you with open heart as your supporters and that of our great party, with hope that you will use your listening ears to make favourable amends that will indeed reposition our position and that of your supporters across the state.

We are constrained to make a humble appeal and we know the PDP leadership cannot abandon our efforts to rebuild the Bauchi state governing party for new comers.

It is a stretch of the imagination to think that people from other political parties can dictate what happens in our party by dispatching operatives to observe the sacrifices made by our most devoted members.

For example, a member of the House of Representatives in a gentleman’s agreement relinquished his seat in exchange for our local government area receiving the slot of deputy governor.

To put the record straight, this is not about individual, but the future of PDP, for a fact that it is beyond certain entities that are hell bent on destroying our hard earned labour to make Bauchi state great again, after the monumental failure of past administration.

However, we can’t fold our arms and continue watching unscrupulous elements dictate what happens in our party. No, it can’t work that way.

Let us not forget the rumour making the round that some forces from Abuja are working for PDP in Bauchi state or they are dictating what is happening in both parties.

We are not against their coming, but it is better to come than work behind the scenes to destabilise our party and the loyalty we have in this party. This is because we believe their intention is not noble.

Our position is simple: let the faithful be rewarded handsomely. We can’t take a bullet for others to enjoy in the comfort of their parlours.

On our sacrifices and loyalty to the party, we are unapologetic by, of course, our unalloyed loyalty to the PDP.

We gave our energy and resources to install this government in power. How could our rivals be rewarded while our members are traumatised? Never shall we allow our party to be represented by outsiders. Enough is enough for those pushing for this agenda.

My governor and leader of our great party, please know that the total support our members gave you is for us to have a better deal to occupy this position than our opponents.

If they were relevant in their former party, they wouldn’t have a second thought of being with us. Would they? Even though it is said politics is a game of numbers, yes, I agree, however, the reward system should first target the members. The PDP is open for everyone to come, yes, our diversity is our strength.

There are insinuations our loyalists are crying foul for negligence, while the fact is that they were optimistic about the noble intention of our leader to make positive amends that will give a sense of direction to our people.

Let us be realistic about the remaining time in confronting the election as a united entity working for a common cause.

The PDP should not give outsiders more priority than the real owners. Sorry to categorically state we are on a journey to dead ends.

For justice to prevail in our party, an outsider or newcomer shouldn’t in any way be placed above distinguished personalities like Baba Tela, Auwal Jatau, Yapeco, Hajiya Gambo Laraba, Maula Adamu, among others.

We, unequivocally, reject the idea or insinuation that a former APC gubernatorial aspirant, who was rejected by his people, should be placed above these important stakeholders and be nominated deputy governor.

It is never done that way in a decent democracy, where success is determined by the majority. However, this sends a negative signal to those who support this party through thick and thin.

Zakari writes on behalf of Concerned PDP Members, Bauchi state.

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