Bauchi: The leadership we want By Sani Ibrahim

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How beautiful would our world be if our great talkers, politicians and leaders match their oratory with actions. No doubt, the world is blessed with people of immense abilities and passion to figure out what isn’t right and subsequently do it right on their own ways, for we have people who ‘know’ the best way to get things done for the benefits of others. However, the world’s of men and women who really get their hands dirty, their face reddened and their feet scorched is low.
Fortunately, the world has a record of people who really ‘go there’, people who have their hearts large enough to accommodate the expectations of our world. These folks are worth our mention once in a while as they are still alive. When they prove themselves consistently in service to our ever-needy humanity, we feel more relaxed, safer and more joyfully committed more responsibilities to their care and concern. We do not just confer recognition on these rare fellows, they are recognized as a result of practical achievements that are recorded against their signatures. How people’s lives and destinies are being transformed in concrete ways matters significantly in how we should give recognition to anyone.
Politically, particularly in our part of the world, the indexes of quality leadership are clear and simple. It either a leader has worked or he hasn’t. It is either he has performed or he hasn’t. Indeed, let us look at it this way, the cause of corruption in form of embezzlement of funds, nepotism, godfatherism, bad policy decisions have left the citizens with poor infrastructure, bad road, inadequate power supply, poorly equipped hospitals, unemployment etc. Whoever would feature in the honors roll must demonstrate clear ability and proven integrity to address these issues.
Somewhere in the Northeastern state of Bauchi is a man redefining leadership with passion and commitment encapsulated with sincerity. Every adult Nigerian knows what setback our brothers and sisters in the region have suffered as a result of insurgency and poor leadership. Hitherto, in Bauchi state salaries were not paid, state government funds were embezzled in favour of some cabals, while the beleaguered masses had remained hopeless and despaired. Interestingly, when Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar emerged in 2015 as chief executive of Bauchi state, he would not be enmeshed with self-pity, in an unprecedented move, the compassionate governor strove to turn the fortunes of around despite the hurdles from the Abuja lie dormant politicians. It could be visibly seen, from healthcare service delivery to road networks, education to youth and women empowerment, and lots more, Barrister Abubakar has proven to all men of conscience that he deserves to be called a faithful servant and the architect of modern Bauchi state.
No doubt, Governor Abubakar has made clear his loyalty to no one but the Bauchi people whose trust and support earned him the high office he occupies to the detriment and chagrin of the so-called Abuja based politicians. He has initiated projects that the people can see, feel and identify with. Of course, only leaders of immense courage, foresight and integrity can successfully undertake the big task of rebuilding a state that has lost touch with quality leadership for a very long time. Standing out as a better alternative is not a piecemeal. Being a man who has great dreams for his people, he insists excellent leadership is what the good people of Bauchi state deserve.
Today, the ‘’Pearl of Tourism’’ is going through social, political, economic and infrastructural transformation that has drawn interests not only within the region, but in the country and around the world. The determination of Governor Abubakar to deliver good governance to his people is evident in all critical sectors of the state; road infrastructure, healthcare, education, power, water provision, agriculture, manpower development and women and youth empowerment are receiving sustained attention. No wonder commentators of high integrity have a consensus that Bauchi is returning to its place of pride. Therefore, much of the attention and acclamation that Bauchi state is receiving right now are express indication that someone who knows his job is behind the wheel.
Governor Abubakar’s leadership style is earning Bauchi a robust image a fast-growing state where the wellbeing of all of its citizens are given due attention. His administration runs on the wheel of transparency, probity and focus. Indeed, Barrister Abubakar is the very definition of insight and clear administrative vision.
For everyone who is familiar with Bauchi state before the advent of the Abubakar administration, we will remember the bad roads that we trekked on, our decrepit hospitals, our jobless youths and lots more. In fact, we remember our neglected education. And today we are thankful for the man who saw this thing and is changing them. Making them at par with global standards. Today, our farmers get their farm inputs like fertilizers and herbicides at the snap of the finger. Thanks to the revamped Bauchi State Fertilizer Company. Today maternal mortality is down because our women can access virtually free pre and post-natal cares.
With 2019 general elections coming nearer, we are not unaware of tricks and machinations by some politicians whom were part of the government that ruins Bauchi state some years back and denied us good governance and our rights to bamboozle us and distract people’s attention from the progress and development going on in the state. It’s pity for them that someone is doing what they’ve failed to do, someone is making history they’ve failed to make and to us in Bauchi, continuity is what is subscribed to. Therefore, Gov. Abubakar will get our mandate as we did in 2015.

Ibrahim writes from Gwallaga, Bauchi state

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