Bauchi urban renewal project: The Bala Mohammed initiative

Bauchi state governor Bala Mohammed

The idea to remodel Bauchi state by Governor Bala Mohammed was mooted long ago as part of master plan to establish a buoyant business friendly-state. The state known as Bauchi was carved out of the old northeastern state, now stands to be the gate of the region. Successive governments tried to work on the proposed plan that has layout with striking features and vicinity to social amenities, while others deviated from the master plan to establish not only a modern plan instead disaster-friendly environment.

Over the years, federal, state and local government have been organising series of events, meetings, symposiums, lectures and town hall discussions on possible way out on the looming situation that has negative effects on the lives of the populace, majority of who are poor. Perhaps, little progress has been made in addressing the situation that has disastrous effects on the environmental degradation, terrestrial lives and the aquatic ones.

At 45 years of being independent state blessed with untapped resources and the few tapped resources, Bauchi state maintains its few old infrastructure and landmark features especially the four boundaries of the state, in spite of rapid population explosion occupancy. Most annoying thing is daily accidents by reckless riders and drivers and negligence from pedestrians.

To be objective, former governors Ahmadu Adamu Muazu focused on few township roads interlocks and drainages, while Isa Yuguda also tried to implement the action plan of new Bauchi state but his projects centered on few linkage of some local government areas, such as Azare- giade-Isawa road, Ningi-Burra, Alkaleri- Futuk, Shafa-Yuguda etc. These sets of developmental projects boost the economy of the state, especially the rural dwellers, who find it difficult to transport goods to the market or their respective destinations.

Notwithstanding, the deplorable lives of the people have been improved.

To make a better difference and adhere strictly to the robust master plan to remodel and expand Bauchi state after several years or depending on the rapid human occupancy in one of the most visited tourist and peaceful state, Bauchi, Governor Bala Mohammed made it a priority to act on the blueprint for a better and ordered society to meet-up with modern developed cities in Nigeria.

After a careful study on the topography of the existing sardined boulevard of the state, Bala Mohammed as a human being, with limited knowledge sought the advice of relevant city developers on how to expand and establish a model city with befitting environment to ease the gridlock on major roads and provide a buoy for easy description. This decision was borne out of contention and fulfillment of founding fathers of the state, whose vision are yet to be actualised despite quantum hope by the impatient electorate.

Today, Governor Bala Mohamed has begun to justify the confidence of the people from meritocratic belief to reality of the matter at stake. The agrarian participants smile with pride on the development. Hope has returned to farmers and the entire populace. The economic activities are thriving.

To ensure an attractive state, Governor Bala Mohammed promised to enhance viable businesses potential in the state, strengthen the need to make it real through remodeling, constructions and renovation of roads linking different angles in the state. Amidst the economic meltdown, measures have been put in place to make the state more buoyant in order to attract investors without hitches.

Governor Bala Mohammed fathomed that, the few existing roads in the state were constructed during the famous civilian governor of the state, late Tatari Ali, in 70s and successive administrations focused on constructions without providing drainages in major roads from within and outside the state capital, not to talk of the rural communities where farmers find it difficult to bring their produce out the farmland for delivery to the market.

After a careful study of the state’s blueprint, the PDP-led administration kick-start the Bauchi Urban Renewal Project, aimed at giving the state a facelift. The road projects were not only borne out of passion but they also signify the desire, commitment and onerous task of building a more prosperous state.

This will be Governor Bala’s greatest developmental gait since his assumption to office as well as hallmark of his government. Perhaps the Bauchi Urban Renewal Project (BURP) which has just commenced will give the cosmopolitan city not only a facelift but also raise its status to upper class capitals such as Kano, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, the nation’s capital city Abuja, among others.

However, It is for this reason, the Kauran Bauchi led administration negotiated for a loan of N30 billion with the United Bank for Africa (UBA) to actualiSe this dream project. The project entails the provision of dual-carriage ways of all entry point roads into the city of Bauchi that was graced by the desert Herald Newpaper publishers, David Mark and other eminent Nigerians/
The the ongoing roads projects are the Awalah Hotel to Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport, Awalah to Yuli site of the State University, BAHA to Bauchi new Cemetery, as well as the Awalah to Miri, Adamu Jumba road expansion (0.80KM), Dualisation of Sam Njoma road (1.85KM), all which was already in progress.

Others are the accelerated development within Bauchi, Karofin Madakin – Kan Kasuwan Railwa, Stadium/Rijiyan Bauchi – Unguwan Tudun Yaya, Kasuwa – yakubu Wanka – Babangida Square, Bata – Nufawa – Unguwan Jaki, Adamu Bazamfare – Makera, Doya – Inkil, Railway – Sade – House – unguwar Hardo – Karofin Madaki.

Also are the giving way of the old roundabouts in the city to new and modern ones, including two envisaged flyovers at Wunti and by the Central market, as well as other connectivity inter-roads in the city of Bauchi. Already, the PDP-led government has immediately after inception embarked on the construction of some roads across the state, including the state capital, where Miri to Dass road, Gombe road to Maiduguri bypasses have already been completed, awaiting commissioning probably by the president.

More so, the Bauchi Urban Renewal Project, according to the state commissioner of works and transport, Abdulkadir Ibrahim Mohammed, has its tentacles spread to virtually all parts of the state with the construction under the World Bank and state government arrangement of inter-local government roads across the 20 local government areas the state . They include Jajuwa – Ganye – Golfada, Siri – Miya – Warji, Darazo – Gabchiyari, Boi – Tapshin, Kirfi – Gombe Abba, Itas – Gadau and Dukayel – Bakin Kogi.

Others are Giade – Kurba – Basirka, Hanafari – Jurara, Dass – Bununu, Kamfanin Kutare – Jai Gada, Yelwan Duguri – Kumbala – Kundat, Udubo – Gamawa, Bogoro – Lusa, Yashi – Yuli, Soro – Miya, Warji – Gwaram, Maraba – Ganye, and Sade – Akuyam which is in completion stage.

The renewal project is specifically geared to address infrastructural deficits in Bauchi state, especially in roads and other major important issues such as investment in schools, hospitals, among others.
There is proposed inter-local government roads projects which are equitably scattered across the three senatorial zones of the state would be jointly executed by the state government and the World Bank are also designed to connect communities with markets to boost the socio-economic setting of people of the state generally, thereby conserving revenues for the government.

The 500 kilometers road projects for which the state government has already paid its counterpart funds, and which execution will commence this December are also geared towards promoting businesses, and boost agriculture which is the backbone of the state economy. They are similarly aimed at improving security within the communities and facilitate the sustenance of the prevailing peaceful atmosphere in the state.

Political analysts believe that when the Bauchi Urban Renewal Project is completed no state will match Bauchi, just like the famous Chinese proverb “ten men, ten mind”.

Umar Usman Duguri,

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