Bauchi urged to lift embargo on employment in critical sectors

The forum of Executive Directors of Civil Society Organizations in Bauchi state has called on the state government to as a matter of urgency lift the embargo on employment, particularly critical sectors of health and education.

Chairman of the forum, Sodangi Chindo, made the call at a press conference held at the NUJ press center in Bauchi as part of the forum’s end of the year meeting.

He stated that while Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the state welcome the effort of the present administration to sanitise the employee payroll, there is need for the government to find a way to employ new workers in order to breach the gap of manpower lacking in the two sectors.

Sodangi pointed out that the number of nurses working in health facilities in the state is 109, against the 1,208 required and appealed for increased allocation to health sector which has dwindled from 15 percent to 10.5 percent.

The forum chairman appreciated the state government for creating the enabling environment that attracts partners to the state through budgetary allocations and commitment to the payment of counterpart funds.

“While we support this administration in sanitising the employee payroll, we call on the governor, not to use it as an excuse to continue the already overdue embargo on employment, especially in the critical sectors of education and health, where life is at stake every minute, every hour and every day. We must find a way to employ while we clean the employee payroll.”

Sodangi enumerated some of of contributions of the forum in 2021 to the progress and development of the state and said CSOs has provided employment of a permanent and contract basis to over 1500 citizens.

“Our forum is a coalition of leaders of over 40 registered CSOs operating in Bauchi state, and I am indeed very delighted to inform you that in 2021, we have implemented various developmental projects in education, health, water, sanitation, human rights, democracy and good governance among others,” he said.