Bawa, hope you have helmet?

Without a doubt, corruption is one of the notorious ills bedeviling Nigeria economically, socially and politically. For one to fight corruption in Nigeria, he/she must be economically, socially and politically oriented; the versatility of corruption in Nigeria makes it to be well known by every Nigerian and in all sectors of the nation. Corruption is in the local, state and federal governments and by extension private sector.

So, corruption is everywhere. I will like to start by telling the new chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abdurrashid Bawa, that there is herculean task ahead of him. I am not discouraging him in any way rather to ginger him so as to quickly eliminate corruption from Nigeria as his responsibility is fighting and making Nigeria corrupt-free.

Though, Bawa got recommendations of various kinds for being intelligent, smart and hard working personality, he needs to understand the nature and character of Nigerians towards corruption, as doing so will help him in discharging a smooth exercise.

I hope Bawa has a helmet, it will surely protect him from stress and pressure he may find himself while discharging his duty. Check very well from all sides, there are saboteurs. Their aim is, Nigeria shouldn’t be corruption-free so that they keep looting and embezzling the nation’s wealth for personal issues. Here, Bawa must be smarter, analyst, watchdog and a good observer because corruption cases or issues in Nigeria are one million times better than Bawa’s calculation.

Helmet seriously help, I emphasis. And I use the word helmet ironically, I wish he will understand.

Nigeria, as you know, is multi-, multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-interest. So, this is where the spider is spinning. I was so glad when I heard Buhari charging Bawa to deal with every single corruption case seriously without discrimination.Awesome!!! at least if Bawa will be very mindful and stand on the president’s advise it will yield a positive in the fight against corruption and failure to do so corruption will indeed kill Nigeria. That’s instead of Bawa to fight corruption, corruption will fight him back.

I repeat, Bawa should consider corruption cases big or small seriously irrespective of ethnic or religious colouration, considering the nation’s plight caused by mainly corruptionl, and that’s why I said politically, economically and socially.

All the insecurity problems arose as a of corruption and selfish interest of some unscrupulous elements among Nigerians; kidnapping, armed banditry, are all elements of corruption. So Bawa must be careful and put on his helmet so well and fight the notorious cankerworm of corruption.

However, in case Bawa isn’t aware, the issues of political thuggery, communal clashes are all corruption related, so deal with them decisively.

Before I drop my pen, I want to draw the attention of the Nigeria Police to at least play a role in fighting corruption. People sometimes blame and accuse the police of being the most corrupt agency of . I think it isn’t but the way some policeman/women display themselves to public is denting the agency’s image. Police are closer to the people than any other security agency so if changes will occur in the discharge of their responsibility it will help the agency will restore its lost image.

At last, Bawa, on the mantle as EFCC boss, so intelligent, smart and hardworking as recommended, needs to show Nigerians his by exploring ideas that will be useful in the fight against corruption and also begging of those in authority near him to put all hands on deck to end corruption in Nigeria. I wish Bawa and every Nigerian civil servant safe . God bless Nigeria.

Ada Garba,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of

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