Be deliberate on your choice of candidate in 2023 elections, NLC tells workers 

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has told workers and all Nigerian citizens to use the yuletide season and celebrations to reflect on their living condition, hardship situation economic situation in the country and all other terrifying challenges faced by all, and make an informed decision about the 2023 general elections and who they prefer to vote for. 

NLC warned that Nigeria and her citizens had suffered so much owing to wrong policies and poor policy implementation attitude of government  and should have learn so much that no Nigerian should make a decision about the forthcoming election  based on sentiments. 

The Labour union backed its reasons for warning Nigerians, saying; “ many Nigerian workers and ordinary people are currently going through the dark tunnel of soaring inflation marked by very steep increases in the prices of essential goods and services.”

NLC President Comrade Ayuba Wabba made the union’s position known in a statement in Abuja.

He said: “We urge our compatriots especially workers to be very deliberate in their engagement with the political process come 2023. Elections are the time to ask critical questions and make rational choices. 

“The Nigeria Labour Congress has turned up a flicker of light in directing the political energy of Nigeria’s working class and ordinary people by developing a Nigerian Workers’ Charter of Demands.  Our Charter of Demands speaks to the key issues that agitate the minds of the average worker and citizen.

“The Nigerian Workers Charter of Demands has identified poor salaries, abysmal working conditions and horrendous living realities as a major clog in the wheel of optimum national development. 

“Our Charter of Demands has identified nonchalant attitude by government to value addition to Nigeria’s mineral resources as a major source of the widespread unemployment, poverty, and destitution in our country. Of particular concern to us is the criminal neglect of Nigeria’s public refineries which are all operating at near zero capacity. 

“The same culture of indifference to value addition is palpable in our agriculture sector where most of our cash crops and farm produce are shipped overseas in their very raw form and at dirt cheap prices. 

“The Nigerian Workers Charter of Demands raises eyebrow on our public infrastructure. When will Nigerians enjoy uninterrupted electricity? When will Nigerians be able to travel on roads free from killer potholes, craters, and gullies? When will Nigerians transverse their country on standard rail ways without losing sleep on being mobbed and snatched by terrorists?”

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