Benefits of seasonal fruits and vegetables

Want to relish a healthy plate? Seasonal fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly the best choice. You get immense benefits beyond the taste and flavour.

It is the wonder of nature that produces specific fruits and vegetables at a particular season, considering the fact that your body demands those specific nutrients to remain healthy. For example, summer is the ideal season when you have a variety of juicy fruits in the market, because our body demands additional hydration at that season.

Every season has its own typical fruit but summer seems to be the season that surpasses all others in the availability of fruits in terms of variety and taste as well. Same logic holds for the vegetables too. Some are seasonal while some are available round the year. Watermelons, cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers, are some of the fruits and vegetables harvested in summer that come with immense health benefits.

Here we have a few benefits of consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables:

It is less expensive
Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables is a great relief on our budget, as they are harvested in huge quantities in a particular season. The cost of production is naturally low as the supply is enough to meet the growing demand. The growers are able to sell seasonal fruits and vegetables at a lower price.

Great flavors
Seasonal fruits have a much better flavour, taste and texture, than when they are consumed in other seasons in which they do not grow. Seasonal fruits are at their peak in terms of freshness, succulence and ripeness. In season, they are available fresh and not the ones which are grown long back and preserved over time where the taste and quality turns inferior.

Brings in a variety
Consuming seasonal fruits brings in a variety in our diet. Loading ourselves with different types of nutrients which are essential for our body, boosts immunity and helps in combating diseases. Enjoying seasonal fruits is way better than the bland habit of eating the same types of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Promotes creativity in kitchen
Eating seasonal fruits promotes creativity in the kitchen. We have a variety of fruits throughout the year that comes in different colours and flavours, which is an inspiration enough to try our gourmet skills in kitchen. Creating different kinds of fruit pies, tarts, juices, curries and syrups, adds variety and immensely satisfying for our taste buds.

This is possible when we pick fruits and veggies typical of a particular season. Assorted seasonal fruit salads would be a great idea brushing up your culinary dexterity adding a dash of zing to your regular kitchen experience.

Promotes digestion
Climate influences the production of seasonal fruits and vegetables which aids in digestion as well. Moreover, seasonal fruits are the fresh ones and not harvested long time back. Fresh fruits and vegetables have larger quantum of life and helps in faster digestion as compared to preserved fruits.

Seasonal fruits are safer
Preserved fruits are often kept in freezer with additives which might have harmful chemical contents. Wrong seasons often demands the use of more chemical fertilisers and pesticides which automatically degrades the quality.

If you want to grow watermelon in winter, you need a help of additional spread of chemical fertilisers because the fruit is not getting enough growth input and nourishment from the climate, water and soil unlike in summer. Seasonal fruits are free from all such defects.

Increased nutrient content
Since seasonal fruits are plucked ripe. They are loaded with more nutrients than the preserved ones. You get the maximum health benefits from these.

Prevent allergies
Since seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown locally in a climate and soil by the local producer, there is the least chance of consumer getting any allergic reaction to the fruit.

Boost immunity
Seasonal fruits and vegetables are loaded with the right kind of nutrients needed by human body to fight seasonal ailments. Therefore, these are great immunity boosters.

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