Benue killings: Let the truth be told

As a concern citizen of Nigeria and a native of Gboko in Benue State I found it mandatory for me to speak out on what has been happening recently. It is unfortunate that for obvious reasons some people chose to prove a point by shedding innocent people’s blood.
However, it is indeed sad not come to term with the fact that Gboko, my home town that was known for its serenity and agricultural endowment has been turned into a battle zone for no reason whatsoever. The irony of it is that those at the helm of affairs decided to keep the public away from the reality.
The recent killing as reported by many media houses wasn’t what really happened. It is as if all the media have been hypnotised by the government of Benue state. Let me state here that the Benue state government has been one sided by not telling the world what is really happening.
These innocent Fulanis seven of them were innocent travellers on their way to Akure and their vehicle developed a problem that forced them to make a stopover in Gboko. It is apparent that due to the present crisis, the Fulanis have resorted to traveling in the night. These innocent people, were waiting patiently for their vehicle to be repaired when the people of Gboko pounced on them and burnt them to ashes.
What are these killings for? What individual gain do we stand to achieve by killing innocent people? My heart bleeds with concern and fear of the unknown.
There is a heavy task on the shoulders of the Nigerian media to adequately report on the actual happenings in Gboko and other places bedevilled with this phantom killings. I believe the media shouldn’t solely depend on what those at the apex will tell them, they need to go an extra mile and do their jobs professionally.

Sagir Yakubu,
Gboko, Benue state

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