Best habits and tips to keep your child healthy (III)

  1. Bathing hygiene The best way to keep your child clean and healthy at all times is by giving them a bath regularly.
    Some bath hygiene habits include, • Teach your child to bathe twice in a day- before they go to school and after they come back.
    • Encourage him/her to scrub the different parts of the body like the armpits, groin, legs, and feet.
    • Ensure that they apply soap every time they take a shower.
    • Keep an eye to see that your child takes extra care when cleaning his/her face as the skin is more delicate here.
    Foot hygiene When bacteria acts along with sweat on your child’s feet, they can get smelly.
    This happens if your child wears shoes all day, especially without socks.
    This causes a lot of dirt and bacteria to get accumulated on your child’s feet.
    Some personal hygiene habits for kids can help keep these smelly feet away: • Ensure that your child washes his/ her feet every time they take a bath.
    • Keep the feet clean by scrubbing them properly with soap and rinsing off with water properly.
    • Always clean in between the toes, on the underside of the foot, and also under the toenails to keep microbes away.
    • Teach your child to keep his/her footwear clean to avoid contracting germs.
    • Use a moisturiser to keep the feet soft at all times.
    Toilet hygiene The bathroom or the toilet is one of the places in the house that contain the maximum germs.
    As long as you keep the bathroom clean and teach your child the right toileting hygiene, you can avoid all bathroom borne diseases.
    • Teach your child to wipe or wash after every time they go potty.
    • Teach them how to flush on their own.
    • Remind them to wash their hands every time they use the bathroom.
    • A good way to help them learn is by staying with them and guiding them through the whole process.
    Also, have your child look at the wipe every time they wipe after potty.
    Coughing and sneezing hygiene You can’t always protect your child, and a few illnesses here and there can actually help improve immunity; so there is an upside to illnesses too.
    Sometimes your child can get infected with a common cough or a cold.
    • Prevent your child from spreading infections by teaching him/her how to sneeze or cough by covering their mouth.
    • Also, instead of using their hands, encourage your kids to use their sleeve or elbow instead.
    This avoids the spreading of the germs from their hands.
    • Whenever they do use their sleeve, praise them subtly like “I saw that you used your sleeve.
    Thank you for doing that”.
    This will let them remember to do this again in the future.
    Home hygiene Apart from all types of hygiene mentioned above, your child should also follow some hygiene at home as this can also build up as your child’s etiquette.
    • Teach your child to wear clean clothes every day.
    If your child likes a particular dress, teach him/her to wear it only when it is clean.
    • Inculcate the habit of cleanliness.
    • Teach them to pick up their dish after eating and put it in the sink and also wash their hands after.
    • If your child spills something in the house, teach them to clean it.
    If they’re too young to do so, help them clean it.
    You can’t teach your child all of the child hygiene habits mentioned above overnight.
    Teaching personal hygiene habits to kids will require patience.
    Some accidents might happen here and there, but avoid scolding your child as they are still learning.

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