Better to accept Buhari’s reality about youths


Nigerian youths who accept challenges and are ready to conquer will wholeheartedly accept my wish for them.
I am one of them, not underage, not overage.
So, it is also my wish for myself.
Ever since I came across this powerful wish from a Nigerian educator and author, Tai Solarin, there has been no two ways for me to success than hard work, resilience and perseverance.
Whether a youth or of any age, you must believe that nothing good comes easy.
There is no more divine physical manna from heaven; it is rain that falls and it heralds a season for work – time to sow for the hard times to come.
I took the joy to quote this glamorous wish of all ages to juxtapose the media hoax of recent event at the CHOGM in London.
President Muhammadu Buhari spoke on: “Making Business Easier Between Commonwealth Countries”, where he observed that a great number of Nigerian youths believe in entitle mentality, thereby expect free money without work king hard for it.
A careful perusal of the speech showed that the President, after putting Nigeria’s population at a conservative estimate of 180 million, postulated that make up more than 60 per cent.
He opined that a lot of the youths have not been to school.
The reactions from Nigerians over the media misrepresentation and propaganda have been divergent.
From my own corner and concern, it is better to accept the reality so that the appropriate measure and correct solution can be made.
Living in a “fool’s paradise”, methinks, is not the way of the incumbent federal government.
Muhammad Ajah Abuja

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