Between now and June, many APC govs ‘ll decamp to PDP – Abounu

Benue state deputy governor Benson Abounu Tuesday said considering the failure of the All Progressive Congress APC, no right thinking Nigerians will want to vote the party in 2023.

Abounu also said even the APC members were aware that only the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) can rule the country and make a change for the better.

Speaking in an interview with journalists in Makurdi, Abounu who is also aspiring for the 2023 governorship in Benue under PDP noted that what Nigerians have witnessed for the past six years under the leadership alone will discourage them from voting for the party.

He noted that from now till June and also with the emergence of Iorchia Ayu as PDP chairman, many governors are willing to return to the PDP and many other people will also fall in line.

“For what we have witnessed in the last six years alone, I don’t know why anyone will want to vote for the APC.

“Nigerians are yearning for a change but this time around not the kind of change that was promised in 2015.

“That change is not a better change, a bad change and wrong one.

“Now Nigerians are willing to see a good change so I don’t know why anyone will allow APC to win or rig.

“You will be surprised to find out that in some state you least expect, people are tired of APC

“Peope are simply fed up, Nigerians are united now in having good leadership, good country and I don’t think they will want this to happen again.

“Considering the issue of rigging, it is only when you allow rigging that it takes place. I have contested elections many many times and I know very well that if the people don’t want rigging, even if you are standing in your polling unit you will not be able to rig.

“Unless if the people want you to rig then they will allow you to rig,” he added.

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