Between visible records and empty promises

The drumbeats of politics have begun across the country ahead of the 2023 general elections. Quiet aspirants are creeping out from their hideouts. As a keen observer of the political trends in Albasu, Gaya and Ajingi federal constituency of Kano state. We have seen this quiet aspirant creeping out from his Abuja abode.

In this regard, the choice before the people is between going forward, with records of visible achievements across the constituency as against the empty promises of a desperate position seeker. The people of Albasu, Gaya and Ajingi local government area are wiser and will only vote for quality representation in the 2023 elections.

The constituents will not allow anybody to buy their vote for peanuts as the people will only vote for selfless and true representative that will serve the constituency diligently. We will rise up to take advantage of civic responsibility in maintaining the emerging achievements spread across the area. The people of the constituency are sagacious enough and will only vote by their conscience and no one will buy them easily. As the constituency needs an experienced lawmaker who will remain with people and not desert them after the election.

My simple message to the parties delegates in the forthcoming primaries in Albasu, Gaya and Ajingi federal constituency is to be wary of the Abuja based former appointee and now aspirant who mistakenly relies on myopic thought of having the backing of Aso Villa. I am amazed by his desperation. His utterances before Governor Abdullahi Ganduje and other APC stakeholders meeting which was held at Kano Government’s House in the effort to have smooth primaries. This aspirant spoke arrogantly without recourse to decency and respect for the party stakeholders/

His bad behaviour reminded me what President Muhammadu Buhari told his appointees who want to contest in the 2023 general elections. He said they should work hard and not use his name to canvass for support.

Mr President was right, days are gone when mentioning his name or attaching his picture can enable an aspirant to win elections. Hon Gaya always stand in matters affecting the people as black is black and white is white, this accorded him a chance to serve the constituency better and remains dedicated in serving the people to the best of his ability.

Why serving lawmaker remain best option since the invocation of the eighth and ninth National Assembly available indices showed that AMG’s performed better than other former members from the area. Definitely the people of Albasu, Gaya and Ajingi local government areas should not joke with our best at this critical time as we need more development in the area. Therefore, I amappealing to all to continue to trust him even beyond 2023 for more development.

We all know before 2015 elections the constituency was neglected in terms true representation in the House of Representatives with poor constituency projects. With unflinching commitments of Hon Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya the narrative has changed for the better with apparent development across all the nooks and crannies of the three local government areas. It is indeed a task before the electorate to consolidate the emerging development in terms projects and required representation in the House of Representatives.

Every bird flies but not as eagle does, Hon Abdullahi Gaya is the right person. A right man at the right time for Ajingi, Gaya and Albasu federal constituency. He is informed and possesses all the qualities the people of the three local government areas want in National Assembly Representation.

Yusuf Ahmad Albasu,
Albasu, Kano state

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