Between Zakzaky and Nigerian govt

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In many nations, mostly developed, their leaders are interested in the plight of their citizens and always concentrate in nation building. A leader can resign when he faces an obstacle that could tarnish his personal image let alone his political career.

In Nigeria, reverse is the case as majority of our leaders concentrate in looting public treasury and serving Western interest against the plight of our masses which only disintegrate and destroy our dear nation.

Nigerian government, in its bid to blackmail and portray Sheikh Zakzaky in bad image, tell the gullible that he is an enemy of Nigeria despite the extreme atrocities meted to him and his supporters for no crime. After killing his biological children and hundreds of his followers, the law abiding leader and his followers followed legal and proper channel in seeking redress. Don’t tell me street process is wrong, it may be wrong to you but not to the constitution.

Nigerian government used to attack them during rallies and protests demanding the release of their leader mostly in Kaduna and Abuja, but they remained steadfast in their course. The Federal High Court in Abuja freed them but the federal government violated the competent order before the second one.
When Sheikh Zakzaky was incarcerated, marauding armed bandits and Fulani herdsmen were busy operating in the Northern states and government was incompetent to confront them but were busy telling the public that Sheikh Zakzaky was the problem.Economic instability has gone too worst but this is not the business of our leaders, hiking prices in the market and deterioration of medical sector is no longer Nigerian business.

Their business is how to kill peaceful protesters, how to release detained Boko Haram terrorists under the pretext of exchange, how to portray Sheikh Zakzaky and his movement as criminals, how to turn peaceful protests to violent one, how to use hoodlums and attack innocent people, how to arrest and detain critics of government, how to loot our treasury and  bank abroad.
For God’s sake, how are Shi’ites the problem of Nigeria?The government that wanted Sheikh to be destroyed, is itself now destroyed!
Finally, Kaduna state court presided by a competent judge has vindicated,  discharged and acquitted Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife of the entire eight fabricated and concocted charges, which vividly exposed the dirtiness of Nigerian government.

Nigerian government has woefully failed in its attempt to oppress and blackmail Sheikh Zakzaky.May God continue to help the oppressed and destroy the oppressors
#ZakzakyIsFreeAbdullahi Junaidu,Funtua, Katsina [email protected]

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