Beware, female footballers, wrestlers, boxers, weightlifters

There is excitement in female football circle as the Super League that will lead to crowning of the Nigerian female football league champion commences. The supervising for female football are roaring to go; the participants are training seriously with the sole aim of clinching the coveted trophy and all those connected with it in one way or the other are elated over it. There had been a lull in sporting activities occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic that necessitated the postponement of all national, regional, continental and international competitions due to hold last year. Now the tournaments, including the Olympics, etc., are to take place this year and there is a flurry of activities in that regard with the various sports persons, including female footballers, female wrestlers, female boxers, female weightlifters, warming up for them in heightened training sessions. While sports fans eagerly welcome resumption of competitive sporting activities, one is sad at the participation of women in the aforementioned sports. Football, , wrestling and weightlifting are coarse activities that do more harm than good to female participants. And one dares to say that these females are being led or are allowing themselves to be led to the slaughter house, unpalatable as this may sound. For, not only are these sports capable of injuring them physically, more regrettably, they kill a special gift bestowed on them by the Creator that makes them a ‘woman’ and which they are meant to use for the blessing of their immediate and larger environments.
As one keeps saying, it is not true that what a man can do a woman can do and vice versa. Each gender is destined for specific kinds of activities; the one may not perform an activity reserved for the other, and doing so will result to distortion, caricatures, and disharmony. A woman can never lift as much weight as the man, female football, wrestling, can never be as interesting as their male versions, according to experts, and, in fact, attract less spectators in comparison. The physical body of each is structured in accordance with the particular activity intended for it. Thus, men with their muscular physique are made for coarse activities that require physical strength, ‘struggles’ (‘gra gra’), loud kinds, generally referred to as positive activity while women with their supple physique are suited to fine, ‘soft’, light, quiet types of activities that require finesse, generally called negative activity. Thus, there are only types in the world – positive and negative. Human beings are split species – positive (male) and negative (female). Each activity is just as important as the other and together, working jointly they make a whole that is of full value. 
Quite apart from the physical differences, women are bestowed with a special gift by God, a thread of ‘spiritual substantiality’ which makes them ‘woman’. That Primordial Power of God, which He allows to stream down to us from the spiritual realm for our everyday use, first seizes the woman who is then expected to pass it on to the man. 

Thus, while men are in the front seat here  by virtue of their coarse nature which is in harmony with the earth, itself coarse, women are the ‘power’ behind the throne, so to speak, providing them with the vital necessary impetus to propel them in their everyday struggles of life here in gross matter. Every technician is aware that without the female (negative) there cannot be a connection as in wiring, for instance, it must be present. 

Therewith, it is also wrong to say that women are the ‘weaker sex’, that is a parochial view. Looked at from a broader perspective, a woman is psychically and spiritually stronger than the man, not by themselves but due to the fact that they have implanted in them, a thread of ‘spiritual substantiality’ that connects them more strongly to spirituality, the source of all Life than men. Men, given their similarly dense make-up, are in tune with the earth and so are more likely to excel in earthly and material things than women. This is perhaps why women are regarded as the ‘weaker’ one here. Given that our world is only a temporary home for us, animated by spiritual power from above, the decisive role of the spiritually stronger woman and womanhood in the whole of Creation cannot be overemphasised. For this reason, the woman is usually the first in each of the realms of Creation, opening the door, so to speak, for the others to follow/enter. The woman has to be genuine in all ramifications to be able to fulfill the high responsibility required of her by the bestowal of that gift in her. Unfortunately, the number of really genuine women has been decreasing over the years as women have become corrupt in soul and body, turning upside down, the ordained natural order by imitating men in their activities, so that we now have walking caricatures of  true womanhood.
 In engaging over a long time in coarse, hardened, positive activities, the thread of ‘spiritual substantiality’ in women gradually withers off until it finally disappears with dire consequences, among which is infertility, miscarriages because the women concerned has now simultaneously destroyed (albeit unconsciously), or made defective, the bridge through which  a human spirit incarnates into her womb. Women will notice that they feel the first twitches (movements) of the baby in the middle of pregnancy. That is the moment when the human spirit hovering around the expectant mother enters the physical body in the womb, animating it. That is why scientists after having formed a ‘baby’ through the various artificial conception methods, intro vitro fertilization, have to put it back into a woman’s womb for a human spirit to be able to incarnate into it, develop and be born at maturity. Until then what the scientists formed in the laboratories, etc., is a lifeless, useless physical body. And that is also why even if men were to have all the reproductive organs, they cannot bear children because they lack the ‘bridge’ through which human spirits can incarnate into them; this is a peculiarity of women by virtue of the spiritual substantiality implanted in them. 

Again, women and girls indulging, over a long period, in coarse, hardened, male reserved positive activities that gradually erode this gift in them, become distorted souls in later incarnations. That is, they have male physical bodies but their soul, their fundamental core from the very beginning, is feminine. There is a mismatch here, hence the distortion. There are also those that are tending towards distortion. These are women/girls whose physical bodies and souls are presently feminine but because of their continuous participation in male kinds of activities, over time, they develop some male characteristics. What is said of females here also applies to men. That is to say, there are too, distorted male souls and male souls tending towards distortion as a result of their long indulgence in feminine, negative kinds of activities. Distorted souls and those tending towards distortion whether male or female exhibit what is now called lesbianism, cross dressing, gays, and so on and so forth, all of which are aberrations. My appeal is for us (womenfolk) to return to the path decreed for us by Nature, God, as therein lies a fulfilled life. The path being taken by female footballers, female wrestlers, female weightlifters, female boxers and other women engaged in all kinds of positive, male reserved activities leads to perdition.
Ikeano writes via [email protected]; 08033077519

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