BioRTC: A foundation serving humanity in Africa

The Biomedical Research and Training Centre, under the umbrella of ‘TReND in Africa’, was initiated to maintain invigorating biomedical programs for both local and international research to surmount the excess growth of diseases across Africa. It is acknowledged that African countries, particularly sub-Saharan regions, are experiencing fewer records of biomedical centers, inadequate training facilities, and unsupportive equipment to provide expertise. According to the goals and objectives of the institute, over 500 scientists were trained in various fields of biomedicine and carried out about 100 successful activities in 22 African countries. The platforms served accordingly to excel in promoting an active laboratory examination to take swift and serious actions against unbearable diseases, which have continued to cripple the African region for years.

Several significant projects have laid down a great opportunity for unleashing productive services throughout African countries, such as the institute, which specialises in providing active training to fundamental scientists in Africa, and such an opportunity is giving rise to a zealous interest in increasing the number of scientists in Africa, which is considered a secure way of recreating a standard system of considering the most commonly developed analytic techniques. Among the most crucial aspects of ‘TReND in Africa’ in giving out professional training for the scientists in Africa is building an unshakeable background in building an effective way of handling the majority of cases of diseases in Africa.

For instance, the United Nations has always been highlighting the challenges faced by Africa in dealing with diseases, most especially a pandemic, which possibly comes in a wave to affect the social and economic status of a society. The institute has several plans to put African scientists at the forefront of fighting disease by conducting advanced research and overcoming it in the meantime. have also seen how the African continent struggled to survive pandemics, and it was as a result of a lack of equipment to discover the diseases from the ground level and find a way to handle them effectively. The training of laboratory scientists in Africa given by the institute will be predicted to change the narrative of having less professional and poor facilities for carrying out research in Africa.

Moreover, it is part of a superior achievement recorded by the Biomedical Research and Training Institute in Africa for providing hundreds of biomedical laboratories to conquer the continent from the heavy effect of diseases and poor running of centers with invaluable facilities. The institute paid a great tribute to the building of well-furnished laboratories, providing modern facilities, and supervising scientists from national and international fields of biomedical centers for proper development in Africa.

Nevertheless, African countries have been in a state of lacking advanced centers for carrying out research for solving internal issues, and the governments have spent huge amounts on taking the cases to the outside countries, even for minor cases. Therefore, the coming of TReND as a non-governmental institution has had an impact on the health sector by addressing the key challenges of Africa and standing keenly to give support. The statistical estimations of how TReND intervention has saved millions of lives across the African region are staggering.

Not just like other institutions, TReND is differently endowed with a strategy of dealing with veterans and eligible sources to generate funds and collectively working with the government to uphold a stable mechanism that will lead to enhancing standard value in biomedical research centers. The TReND is made up of gathering sustainable policies, well-grounded members with an exceptional experience, and the star-up level, which is the root of recreating clear development in Sub-Saharan regions in Africa.

Nonetheless, by drawing on TReND’s policy of conducting regular workshop training and public awareness for the public to remain vigilant and well-informed about the system, In this time of the 21st century, the process of hosting seminars and workshops is at a great level where millions of managers across the globe have shared divergent views and made up sustainable development ideas through it.

However, the hosting of workshops and public awareness for the citizens and potential scientists in Africa is very important for changing lives. The TReND is one of the best private institutions with standard objectives and manipulated projects that yield to an impact level through workshops. They have enlightened many potential scientists who specialize in an aspect of biomedical research.

Meanwhile, public awareness is also an important system that saves the lives of millions from massive death and affection to diseases. The TReND made a huge comeback in tackling the sources of diseases.

Precisely, the TReND is playing an active role in saving the lives of Africans, and their contributions are unmatched. The institution is stepping up to a great level wherein it will reach out to thousands of states around the African regions, particularly the Sub-Saharan regions. The government should overlook collaborating with the TReND for the development of African countries and exchange ideas with the international bodies to enhance the value of communities to decrease the rate of diseases in the country. It is of high esteem to consider the TReND because of their interest in changing the lives of Africans and the world at large.

Maryam Buba Gabaju,
Potiskum, Yobe state.

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