Birnin Yandoto Emirate: Time to light the path with facts and history

It’s not every day that one finds an article worth responding to or even reading, nor is responding itself a responsibility for everyone.

However, as Edmund Burke wrote in his legendary letter to Thomas Mercer, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, and it is for this, that I must, as a party to history, put the records straight, especially in the light of a recent article titled, “Till Emirate do us Part: The Toxic Marriage Between Sen. Marafa and Gov. Matawalle over the Creation of “Birnin Yandoto Emirate”, among several others, that have sought to deliberately unsight the people with lies.

In fact, my mission is to make sure our growing armies of sheeple do not get up and the tendency in the flurries of falsehood that’s becoming highly tendentious. For starters, it is very pertinent that young men learn their history, especially since their parents who are revered custodians of the origins and intrigues that form the entire nativity of Zamfara people are still very much with us.

If the son of Sanda Adamu Tsafe who wrote that greatly misleading article had taken even just a moment to ask his father about his history, for instance, I am sure he wouldn’t have blundered into that rather unfortunate piece. But since he and his ilk have failed to learn like some of us did from the comfort of our parent’s Zaure, I believe we owe it to ourselves to school them.

Now, fact of the matter is, the seven districts of Yandoton-Daji, Kwaren Ganuwa, Danjibga, Keta, Kizara, Bawa Ganga and Kunchin Kalgo have never been part of Garewa, otherwise known as Tsafe District, back in the days. They are part and parcel of the then Gusau District!

While, present day Tsafe Emirate is the artificial and political creation of Gov. Yarima during his first term (1999-2003). Needless to say, these seven districts were unjustly yanked off from Gusau Emirate and added to Tsafe without any justification! Although, many well-meaning sons and daughters of Gusau protested that draconian move, their voices were drowned by the sheer weight of the powers that the then governor was besotted with. The rest as the say is history.

This then, is the reason why I find it rather perplexing that most of the people who applauded that midnight territory grab are up in arms today trying to form themselves into an albatross on the path of progress in the form of Birnin Yandoto Emirate.

True, those who kill by the sword hate even a glint of it, but as brothers, we ought to be able to stand up for justice even if it is against us. The Tsafe ruling house have been enjoying what doesn’t belong to them, they should bear in mind that God is just and hate injustice, they may be happy now, having what does not belong to them but they should know for sure, that taking back the seven districts that belong to Gusau is a task that must be accomplished now or in the future.

My fear is, while we are asking for our own territory only now, our children or great grandchildren will take some part of what rightly belong to Tsafe District! When that happens I hope nobody will cry foul.

And, it is just as well, because of all the paid and frankly poorly written articles, none of the pen-merchants have had the presence of mind to truly elucidate to the people with concrete reasons that the proposed Birnin Yandoto Emirate was under Tsafe District before the Yarima misadventure!

Their arguments have always been that Sen. Marafa and Gov. Matawalle are looking to water down the Tsafe Emirate, with other ludicrous claims suggesting that Senator Marafa is eyeing a royal stool because of the royal blood coasting through his veins.

Indeed, Sen. Marafa is a royal. It is what it is, if Sen. Marafa is interested in mounting the royal stool he doesn’t have to wait for the creation of a new Emirate to do so, he can always aspire to become the Sarkin Katsinan Gusau (Emir of Gusau). Whatever wild-eyed youths want to do with that fact is their problem. I can only advise these youths to aspire, as the good Senator has dared to achieve greater height.

Let it be known that the previous injustice done to the people of Gusau is about to be reversed and anyone not happy about the development should hold former Gov. Yarima responsible for creating the pedestal for the hurt they feel right now. Except one wants to just be deliberately mischievous as to want to use this-correction of a past wrong-to create rancour, those familiar with history know that there should be no room for animosity between the people of Tsafe and Gusau as merchants of anarchy are trying to enshrine.

In the end, I will like to use this opportunity to call on Tsafe ruling house(s) to educate the few misguided elements on this issue before they cause any avoidable problem.

For avoidance of any doubt Tsafe Emirate Originally constitute of; Tsafe, Bilbis, Yankuzu, Yanwaren Daji and Chediya and no more!

Finally, I pray to Allah the most high and must merciful to give this government the will to correct this injustice peacefully.

Abdullahi (Yariman Gusau) writes via 08033138322

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