Blueprint newspaper’s proposed TV station

Blueprint newspaper has received many accolades and commendation for its contributions in uplifting Nigeria to greater heights within 10 years of the outlet’s operations.
Having a television station will boost the newspaper beyond every expectation. Television is audio visual in nature while newspaper only deals with writes up and still picture as it’s meant only for literate people. That is to say there is a limit in newspaper accessibility. 

As such, many rural dwellers can be missed out. It will be of great significance to Nigeria’s if television is added to your services because it will afford people who can’t read access to information through sounds and motion pictures.

Television gives room to rural dwellers in terms of information accessibility as there are many people who understand picture stories than any other means of information. It is wisely said “pictures tell thousands of stories”, which is why even at the nursery level teachers use pictures for teaching.
However, newspaper reader riside mostly in cities and towns, as such, newspapers are not transported to some rural areas for distribution; even if it can be transported, it’s costly and only few people know its value talk less of patronising it. Though it is a private media outlet, it is only for profit motive rather than for the development of our societies and also bringing people closer to government in order to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

On this basis, I know the publisher of Blueprint newspaper will be interested in establishing a television station in order to carry the rural dwellers along as well as partaking in the developing local communities.
Similarly, television has wider coverage compared to a newspaper, many people can have access to television so far as there is electricity in the village, and many of these people want to know what is going on in the cities and also within the government. 
Television network is everywhere especially at this era of ICT, that people can access television using satellite unlike then that one needed to have an attenna before accessing television network.
Moreover, in its (Blueprint newspaper) quest to provide an enabling environment for people to access information, it is necessary to establish a television station. Many people can access it and it will be an easy means of disseminating necessary information. Grace Chinasa Ekeh,Department of Mass Communication University of Maiduguri

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