Blueprint staff launches Princess in the Rain

Notable Nigerians, including clerics, will this Saturday, September 18, file out to Red Sparrow Event Centre, Maitama, Abuja for the launch and public presentation of The Prince in the Rain, a novella by  Kemi Samuel, a staff of Blueprint Newspapers Limited.

The book is the enthralling story of Princess Laide, whose grandfather betrothed her at infancy to  the son of his friend, the prince of a neighbouring  kingdom, to seal their friendship. Princess Laide grows up in the palace, the scene where many thrilling events played out to their eventual exciting conclusions.

 As power tussle interweaves with friendship, model citizenship, tradition and education in her exciting life in the palace, the young princess grows up to confront the realities of maturity. Like all other girls of her age, she grapples with the dilemma of choosing between furthering her education and bowing to tradition by getting married to the prince, a step that would please her grandfather and take her to the palace as queen.

This intriguing novella by a teacher and journalist is awe-inspiring and a must read to school children, adults and lovers of flowing fiction.

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