Boko Haram: ‘Military caused monumental disaster in Borno’

By Samuel Aruwan

The Senator representing Borno Central, Ahmed Zanna, yesterday said military offensive against Boko Haram brought monumental disaster to Borno state.
Zanna, who stated this on BBC Hausa Section in an interview monitored in Kaduna, said the people of Gamboru and Ngala areas under Boko Haram control were in serious humanitarian crisis in need of food, water and shelter.
He added that if not for the military action, the situation the state wouldn’t have worsened “going by high number of people being killed in the area by the Boko Haram fighters.”
He also said the situation became worse when military were drafted without sensitive considerations of the complexities associated with the crisis.
He said: “Many people in Gamboru and Ngala escaped to Cameroon and they are presently in bad shape, they have no food, water and where to stay. They don’t have good hygiene facilities.”
“The report I received says the Boko Haram have started killing people and I confirmed four in Gambarou and one in Ngala.”
Zanna said he had been mounting pressures on government.
“You have to understand something, I have been talking that things are not going the way they supposed to go, especially by our leaders.
“Take Senate President, for example; there are other top leaders of the senate. If they don’t agree collectively on something one cannot do anything but as a senator, I am putting everything in writing to them. We are giving them and following up but nothing is forthcoming and we are all in grim situation now.”
“In my view, they are increasing our problem; military coming to Borno two years ago is a big disaster. There is no security they brought to us; before they come, how many people were been killed by Boko Haram? It was pockets of killings, one here, and one there.”