Boko Haram/DSS face-off was sabotage – Ijaw youths

Piqued by the antics of saboteurs in the shootout at the DSS headquarters between military officials and detained Boko Haram members near the Presidential Villa, Aso Rock, the President of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) World-Wide, Comrade Udengs Eradiri, said the conflicting reports over the incident “undoubtedly indicate another case of sabotage against the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.”

The youth stated this in a statement issued by its spokesman, Comrade Eric Omare, in Yenagoa, stressing that the IYC “strongly believes that there are saboteurs within the Nigeria security forces who are actively aiding the activities of Boko Haram.”
According to them, no explanation is tenable for Boko Haram members to muster courage and effrontery to confront security agencies for more than three hours at the heavily fortified DSS headquarters very close to the Presidential Villa, the nation’s seat of power.

“It is not enough for President Jonathan to note infiltration of Boko Haram in his government, but that he should take a drastic step to address the issue, and that the IYC is aware that President Goodluck Jonathan appreciates the fact that there are Boko Haram apologists in his government, including within the security forces, but noted that they should be outlawed.”
They called on President Jonathan to carry out a massive overhaul of the security agencies to identity Boko Haram moles within the agencies and fish them out immediately.

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