Bored worker kills time with dead mosquito project

A worker in East China has found an unusual way to pass the time and rid his office of mosquitoes.

The man, surnamed Man, grossed out Chinese net users recently with photos of rows of squished bugs taped to a piece of paper.

The Qingdao, Shandong Province graphic designer said his swat operation began while working long hours late on June 14.

“I was curious how many mosquitoes could I kill in a night,” said Man, who said he racked up eight kills that night.

“So each time I killed one, I’d stick its body to an A4 piece of white paper with tape. I then marked the date and numbered each mosquito,” said Man.

Man said has 24 dead mosquitoes as of June 19 – and each splat is unique. “Some have no legs; some lost their wings; some have blood on them,” Man said.

Man said he hopes to soon fill the entire piece of paper with dead mosquitoes.

The strange hobby has many on social media sarcastically accusing Man of insecticide.

“This is so cruel – we have advocates for dog rights, so where are mosquitoes’ rights?” wrote social media user “Shoujibizhi.”


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