Borno delegates lament unlawful arrest, detention of people over insecurity

Following incessant killings in the North-east region of the country, a delegate from Borno state, Hajiya Fati Ali Monguno, has lamented the rate at which innocent Nigerians residing in Borno and other states affected by the activities of the Boko Haram insurgents were being arrested and detained in the name of insecurity.
Hajia Fati raised this concern yesterday during her contribution to the inaugural speech of President Jonathan. She alleged that security agencies deployed to curtail insecurity were busy waging war against the people.

She said: “The more money is pumped Security agencies, the more problems we face. Corruption has eaten deep into the country . I will like to reiterate therefore that we should seriously think of how to solve this problem using internal mechanism through honest and sincere leadership.
“The military of those days were very disciplined and professional, which is why they were able to arrest insecurity but today it is no more. There is no unity among our security agencies. Presently within the military you will find sectionalism, tribalism and also fanaticism.

“As for the other security agencies, there is no unity among them, no sharing of information; every agency wants to prove it is the best. For insecurity to be properly curtailed, our security agencies must return to professionalism and they must be united and work with each other.
“I want to appeal to government to make sure that our young men who were wrongly arrest and detained by the security agencies be released.”
In the same way, Dr. Muhammadu Junaid, from Kano state expressed dismay that despite the accolades showered so far on President Jonathan’s speech the issue of insecurity was not discussed, adding that “if it was discussed it was not well dwelled upon.”
On his own, Major General Alexander from Borno called on the conferees to discuss matters of justice and equity.

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