Boss Mustapha: A staunch APC loyalist


My close watch of Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), over the years reveals a man with a strong fraternity with party politics. He is one Nigerian who defines his brand of politics within the context of political party affinity. Once he discovers himself in one, he sticks to its principles and ideology. This is where the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, is lucky to have found in him a good man and part of the party’s camaraderie whose loyalty is unflinching.

Boss Mustapha from the Social Democratic Party, SDP, after the merger in 2015 remains committed to preaching and defending the party’s ideals. He is, no doubt, a patriot par excellence and his enduring loyalty to the APC is quite glaring; he is a die-hard party stalwart.

Knowing this man from the cradle of his political lifeline to date, I can confidently say he is the last man standing for APC come rain come shine. Boss Mustspha has given his all to build a formidable APC for the good of the Nigerian people. His body language, his composure, and political temperament can go to any length for the APC to remain a national party. Amidst whatever situation, Mustapha is always there for the party; he is doing well in working for Nigerians to get out of the woods of stagnation.

In the current position he occupies as the SGF, Nigerians have discovered a leader, a man with passion to serve, deliver, and recreate a new haven that truly makes the country a land with multiple mineral and human resources, to build a nation of our founding fathers’ dream.

The SGF’s knowledge in government is enormous, his experience in leadership is far-reaching and his vast experience in business to woo investors of all races and countries has stretched out to many nations of the world.

Barrister Boss Mustapha is one Nigerian who is a colonnade of APC with his “Mr strategist and synergy” title that has become a slogan of political change mantra in Nigeria, particularly Adamawa state, his land of birth. The man has no doubt a repository of wisdom, one of the Adamawa’s sons immensely contributing to liberating, emancipating, and salvaging the entire country from the clutches of underdevelopment and putting life, meaning, and adding value to the political lifeline of Nigeria because of his firm belief in APC.

In him is the girdle of strength to lead well, he holds in his hand the rod of direction that will help in taking APC to a haven of peace for all of Nigerians. He possesses, despite what people consider as weakness in his silence in delving into national issues, a virtue of greatness; he has the ability to calm uproars within and outside the party that could consume the party.

As they say, “silence is golden”. But it’s not only golden, there is power in silence. This is the power Boss uses to working effectively for all Nigerians, a brainy gift that is helping APC at the national level because of his absolute loyalty to the party.

It is beyond question that he is another beacon of hope, a glorious flying horse for APC, a trailblazer with all the threads of good leadership. Boss is giving life to APC, the party he sojourned fighting tooth and nail to sustain its glorious future for Nigeria and to all Nigerians.

With his resilience and good intentions for APC and Nigeria, I’m glad to say that Boss Mustapha and many others abound in the country to give hope to Nigerians that the country can be better, ashes of ugliness can be replaced with beauty. I now see hope for Nigeria because there is a man (Boss) dying to keep the flag of APC flying as a pillar that can bring or spark up the light of progress in all parts of Nigeria.

His vision and dream of a new APC have made him the number one party man I cherish. May I, therefore, say that the greatest mistake any voter will make is to vote against APC in 2023 because Boss Mustapha and many good Nigerians are there. A vote for APC is the best way to get the country out of the woods. I know he will ever give his support that Nigeria and Adamawa will yet be on the rail of development. 

The moribund federal companies and industries will be revived. Life and human sanctity will be meaningful and economic vibrancy will take the lead.

I celebrate this man for being loyal to APC from inception to this time. He has no tendency of shifting loyalty to another party. He is standing strong to defend the party at all cost.

Boss Mustapha, the party man, is my number one role model in Nigerian politics.


Is a journalist, political analyst, and an opinion writer. He writes from Yola, Adamawa state, via [email protected],


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