Braimoh: A hero of Tinubu/Shettima victory

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Many have really submitted that Nigerians in the diaspora have not done enough for the country even when they have been enabled to do enough. But some of them , for no fault of theirs, have not been able to do enough in the past towards the political development of their fatherland because of the inclement political environment of Nigeria. 

In the past, most of our citizens in the diaspora do not seem to be concerned at all in contributing towards the leadership recruitment process of Nigeria because, to them, Nigeria cannot be rightly said to be developing. It is more of under-developing than developing in the political arena.

One of the proponents of the need for the total support for the realisation of the Tinubu presidency of Nigeria is Honourable Otumba Jafaru Braimoh, who is the leader of Nigerians in the diaspora. He made sure that Nigerians in the diaspora even though are constitutionally barred from voting while not in Nigeria, mobilised their people back home to vote massively for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 

Nigerians in the diaspora never hesitated in listening to the directives of their leader, Braimoh, as they never than ever before seen in the Presidential campaign period of our country, returned home and rallied behind the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate Tinubu, in the presidential contest.

 Hon. Braimoh is today regarded as one of the heroes of the Tinubu/Shettima victory in the just-concluded presidential election in Nigeria. Braimoh is the owner and chief executive of the African British Consulting & investments Company Limited, a household name in business facilitations, products and services influencer. 

His company organises international conferences, seminars, exhibitions, award presentations, etc. It is also involved with production line in diesel, engineering, ship ownership, broker and manager, all registered in the UK, Nigeria, Rwanda and many other countries. He is a member of the APC. Braimoh is a die-hard Jgabanist and the director-general, TSSG-Diaspora Team (Tinubu-Shettima 2023 victory).

Braimoh holds a B.Sc in agricultural economics, University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria; MPA-Masters in public administration-University of East London, Stratford E15 8GH, UK and presently director-general,Tinubu-Shetima 2023 Movement in the Diaspora, BOD-APC-Party, Belgium.

Braimoh after easily identifying the candidate that suites his ideal president of Nigeria at this time in our democracy to be a healing balm to cure most of the nation’s maladies, pragmatically and systematically built initiatives and support which became part of the driving vitality the Tinubu’s campaign needed to secure victory. With the massive support base of Nigerians in the diaspora all in one accord campaigning to get the vote for Asiwaju.

 Braimoh took the bull by the horn by leading the Tinubu campaign for his victory always coming back home to do the needful for Asiwaju. He campaigned for Tinubu with an irresistible message that got the votes of his members in the diaspora who took ownership of the campaign by urging their people home to vote massively for the APC candidate because he was the sure foot forward. For those who question why the director-general of Nigerians in the diaspora group sided with the ambition of Tinubu to become the next president of our country, the answer is simple.

Today, Nigerians are struggling to maintain the sense of community and respect for diversity that make our country strong.The economic gap between the haves and the have-not is unprecedented and increasing, the bottom 60% of Nigerians saw little increase in income, unemployment for this set of citizens reach record highs, and the poverty rates of our country reached or remained above 70 percent over the last decades

.The records of Tinubu over the years in governance show he has the wherewithal to bridge tribal and religious division and economic disparities. He was also seen by Nigerians in the diaspora(Tinubu) as a leader that could appoint the most diverse and inclusive administration in the history of our country, launch initiatives to close economic and social gaps, and establish the one Nigeria office in the Aso-Rock to build a strategy of closing opportunity gaps and promote understanding and reconciliation.

Braimoh’s message which he took to all parts of the country and abroad was that a vote for the APC candidate would be:

*A vote for the appointment of the most diverse administration in our political history

*Appointing the most diverse cabinet in history

*Closing economic and social gaps.

* Expanding opportunities and a strong economy that would improve conditions for all Nigerians

* Addressing the wage gaps.

*Launching the one Nigerian initiatives

* Works to build one Nigerian

* Increasing opportunity for all Nigerian

This was his message for the voting public who saw BAT as the leader to beat and he won.

Braimoh has repositioned the Nigerian identity in the diaspora, which had been an international ideological battle for a long time. With their large number, it became imperative to explore how Nigerians in Diaspora can re-discover themselves, build a cohesive community, be good ambassadors of their country, portray a positive image of Nigeria and contribute positively to the growth of their fatherland. 

Braimoh has led the way in this direction. His concept was very fundamental to celebrate our oneness as Nigerians, highlight the Nigerian identity, regardless of resident country, and doing this in all professional seriousness, technical richness and governmental enabling environment for which he must be commended.

There are actually three categories of Nigerians in the Diaspora which he has aggregated together for the cause of the fatherland. We have the “Diaspora Alumni”, who have lived abroad for several years, attained definite heights in their professional or academic pursuits and chosen to return to Nigeria. They never fully divested of the vestiges of”abroad”. There are the “substantive” Nigerians in the Diaspora, the mainstream Nigerians in Diaspora who live and work abroad, speak all the refined “Oyibo” phonetics, almost lost their dialectical accent, and come home for occasional funerals, marriages and Christmas every leap year.

Straddled delicately on the picket, are the “Passive” Diaspora Nigerians who have chosen to combine the better two worlds, straddled across the isle, and who ear their cake and have it as it were. Braimoh is that man who has galvanised them into a group now taking interest in the leadership recruitment process back home and supported the quest for a Tinubu/Shettima presidency.

A cursory analysis is helpful here, of the hypothesis of emigration, nicely dubbed “Brain Drain” to have a better perspective of why Braimoh took the task of leading Nigerians in the Diaspora to campaign for Tinubu. Bad governance is the answer. The economy is bad and not because migration is a natural phenomenon in the animal kingdom. 

Agreed, all over the world people migrate for combination of reasons, which include political motivation, adventure, to discover themselves, economic advantage, for religious reasons. Hon. Braimoh has helped in galvanising this set of Nigerians into taking special interest in the political evolution of the country by not forgetting to contribute their voices and quota to the recruitment of the leader that can make Nigeria work again.

Today, as we continue to count the heroes of the Tinubu/Shettima victory, Otunba Jafaru Braimoh must be mentioned specially for working assiduously in making the victory of the president-elect possible.

Musa Wada,



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