Breaking: 13 kidnapped students, 3 staff of Greenfield University freed

The 16 abducted students and staff of Greenfield University, Kasarami, Kaduna have been released after 40 days in captivity. 

They were released Saturday afternoon near Ollam Farms along Kaduna – Abuja highway after the payment of ransom by the parents.

The freed captives were taken over by some security men around the Ollam Farms ostensibly to hand them over to the police authorities. 

But this infuriated the parents who lamented that neither Kaduna state government nor security agents made efforts to secure their release. The angry parents then broke into Ollam Farms to pick their children and wives. 

The students and staff who were looking unkept and not very healthy were later reunited with their parents and families at Reg View Hotel, Television Garage near Command junction, Chikun local government area of Kaduna state. 

The parents, who were visibly angry, lamented that for the 40 days that the staff and students were in captivity, none of Kaduna state government or federal government made visible effort to secure their release despite their pleas and the government mandate to secure the lives and properties of citizens. 

Bandits stormed Greenfield University 40 days ago kidnapping 19 students and three staff.

Five of the students were later killed by the bandits, following which parent of one of them paid ransom to secure his freedom. 

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