Breaking: Again, national grid collapses, 6th time in 2022

Nigeria’s national grid has again collapsed to Zero Megawatts (MW) on Monday September 26, 2022.

The collapse occurred at about 8am, causing power outage in most part of the country.

The collapse occurred days after electricity consumers said they had enjoyed improved supply.

The national electricity grid as of 10am on Monday had 3,712MW generated from 21 Generation Companies (GenCos) before it dropped to 0MW one hour after.

According to an information from the System Operations, a section of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), only Afam IV was on the grid but with zero supply as of 12noon.

As of Sunday, the highest generation was 4,100MW while the lowest was 3,652MW with the frequency hovering between 49.04 Hertz (Hz) and 50.34Hz.

Some Distribution Companies (DisCos) including Kaduna Electric, Enugu, and Kano, had already communicated the nationwide outage to their customers, noting that efforts were ongoing to restore supply.

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