Breaking: Another blackout in Maiduguri looms as Boko Haram brings down transmission tower again

The affected power transmission tower

Residents of Maiduguri, Borno state capital are in the state of confusion following sudden blackout three days after transmission company of Nigeria managed to fixed the transmission lines destroyed by suspected armed insurgents about two months ago.

Reliable security sources said another transmission tower was brought down by heavy explosives that were planted on the foot of the high tension pole.

The source said they planted explosives on each of the four legs of the tower not far away from the location of the last one they brought down in January.

“Maiduguri and environs was reconnected to the national grid for the in about seven weeks following the attack on a transmission tower by fighters,” the source who pleaded anonymity said.

The residents were thrown into perpetual darkness as officials of TCN battled amidst attacks by the insurgents to fix the destroyed lines.

Boko Haram had resorted to another style of guerilla warfare by attacking the major enabler of the state.

Due to the attack on the power installations, residents whose businesses were badly affected faced a worse season of economic hardship.

After weeks of hard work by brave engineers and security forces, the lights eventually blinked back to life on Wednesday March 24.

Videos of mass jubilation by residents trended across the country as the people of Maiduguri welcomed back the public power source.

Sadly, the jubilation turned out a short-lived for the residents as the light blinked off as at 6am today.

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