Breaking: Fire wrecks havoc, burns down 2 bedroom apartment, renders occupants homeless

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Fire Service men making effort to curtail the situation

Raging fire has burnt down a-two bedroom apartment located around in Kaffin Tells area in Tunga Minna, Niger state capital.

The fire was said to have began at about 1.30pm on Sunday while the occupants of the residential apartment were still in service.

It was learnt that the fire was caused by electrical wires when Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) restored light to the area after almost 24 hours of power outage.

A witness told Blueprint that the power restored by AEDC was which had high voltage sparked the wires into flames.

One of the occupants who was identified as Pastor Moses was seen rushing back only to discover that all his property were consumed by the fire.

He was heard giving thanks to God for saving his life and family.

Fire fighters were also seen struggling to put the fire off.

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