Breaking: Joseph ascends as Taraba Speaker, Peter ‘dethroned’

Majority Leader Joseph Albasu Alkinjoh has just emerged as the House of Assembly, hours after Peter Abel Diah resigned.

Similarly, Abdullahi Hamman Adama, from Bali II constituency, emerged as the deputy Speaker, while Rtd Capt. Douglas Ndatse is the Majority Leader.

Speaker Alkinjoh is representing the people of Lau constituency in the Assembly.

The change in the House’s leadership followed the resignation of the former Speaker, Peter Abel Diah and his deputy, Charles Maijankai, Sunday night.

Their resignation letters were read by the Clerk of the House, Orngu Mela, at a plenary Monday morning.

The former Speaker threw in the towel after a 2/3 majority of the 24-member House had concluded arrangements to impeach him.

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