Breaking the glass ceiling: Women in journalism  

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Women have been making significant strides in the field of journalism, breaking down barriers and challenging societal norms to achieve success in a traditionally male-dominated career. Despite facing numerous challenges, such as discrimination, unequal pay, and limited opportunities, women journalists have continued to shatter the glass ceiling and inspire future generations one of the most notable examples of women in journalism who have broken the glass ceiling is Christiane Amanpour as CNN’s Chief International Anchor, she has covered some of the biggest news events of the past few decades, including the Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the Arab Spring and Her fearless reporting and commitment to telling the stories of those who are often marginalized have earned her widespread respect and recognition.

Another woman who has made a lasting impact in journalism is Dana Priest, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist known for her reporting on the U.S. military and intelligence communities. She has written extensively about the war in Iraq, the CIA’s use of secret detention facilities, and the Pentagon’s use of private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her work has shed light on important issues and hold those in power accountable.

Rachel Maddow, the host of the MSNBC show “The Rachel Maddow Show,” has become one of the most influential voices in American politics. Her sharp analysis and incisive commentary on issues such as the Iraq War and healthcare reform have helped shape public opinion and drive important conversations.

Cokie Roberts, a veteran political commentator, has covered American politics for over three decades and has been a leading voice on issues such as women’s rights, civil rights, and social justice. Her work has helped bring attention to the importance of these issues in the national conversation and inspired others to follow in her footsteps.

April Ryan, the White House Correspondent, and Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks has covered five presidential administrations and has become one of the most prominent African American journalists covering the White House. She is known for her tenacity and her commitment to holding those in power accountable, and her impact has inspired countless others in the field of Journalism. 

In Africa, many women journalists have made an impact in their respective countries and beyond and one such woman is Kadija Sesay, a Sierra Leonean journalist and former CNN correspondent, who has reported on important issues affecting Africa, including the Ebola outbreak and the war in Syria. She is known for her fearless reporting and her commitment to giving a voice to those who are often marginalized Elizabeth Ohene, a Ghanaian journalist and writer, has covered issues such as politics, human rights, and women’s rights in her home country and beyond. Her work has helped raise awareness about these important issues and inspired others to follow in her footsteps as well as Ghida Fakhry, a Lebanese-Moroccan journalist and former Al Jazeera English anchor have reported on a wide range of issues, including the Arab Spring, the refugee crisis, and the ongoing conflict in Syria. She is known for her insightful reporting and her commitment to shedding light on important issues.  

Women in journalism have shattered the glass ceiling and made a lasting impact in journalism and their contributions should be celebrated and recognised, and the world should continue to work towards creating a more diverse and inclusive career in the field of journalism that provides equal opportunities for all while by breaking down barriers and promoting equality, the society can ensure that women’s voices continue to be heard and that the power of women in journalism continues to grow.

Baba Abdullahi Machina,


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