Breakthrough in Ebola vaccine excites GSK – Report

Sir Andrew Witty, the chief executive of GSK, has said that new clinical data published was “very encouraging” and that a viable could be available in the second half of next year – If these early trials continue to provide positive results.

He told BBC “Tonight there is a glimmer of hope – the first evidence that a could be available for health workers and others battling to bring the virus under control. Ultimately, it could mean a for everyone in areas at risk.” “Whether it’s a breakthrough depends on making sure that all the rest of data over the next few weeks and months is in line. But this certainly gives very significant cause for optimism.

“We’ve been looking at a potential Ebola , we’ve been looking at its basic safety and whether or not it generate an immune response in healthy volunteers – and the data is very encouraging.

“It’s the first piece of what will be a jigsaw of information that we are going to gather over the next five or six weeks before we move to the next stage.” “The unprecedented scale of the current Ebola in has intensified efforts to develop safe and effective vaccines, which may play a role in bringing this to an end and undoubtedly will be critically important in preventing large outbreaks.”

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