Bringing sanity to education sector

Anti-graft war: Don urges accountants to simplify figures

The degree of hypocrisy in expressing outrage at the rot in the education sector and doing nothing to sanitise the sector and prevent future slides to the precipice of total collapse is alarming.
My article, “The Northern clog”, hits the nail on the head and is apt in describing our predicament.
There is no better way to tell ourselves the hard truth if we are to move Nigeria forward. In that article, I avoided talking about hypothetical situations that are not real.
The colonialists we lambast daily did not toy with our future when they were in charge and they gave us the best in education.
Today, the reverse is the case. We are toying with the future of generations to come and putting their lives on the line for total disruptions.
It is expedient now to get the system back on an even keel before the sector keel over.

John R. Jimoh,
1, Isale Ijagba Street, Sagamu,
Ogun state

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