Buhari celebrates 165 years of Christianity in Igbo land, CMS anniversary

President Muhammadu Buhari has joined members of the Anglican Communion in Igbo land and around the world in celebrating the 165th anniversary of the coming of Christianity in the eastern part of Nigeria on July 27, 1857.

The Rev Samuel Ajayi Crowther, who later became the first African Anglican bishop of West Africa, had led the Church Missionary Society (CMS) team, including Rev. John Christopher Taylor, Catechist Simon Jonas and Augustus Armadillo and others in the 1857 Niger expedition.

The President urged the Christian faithful celebrating CMS anniversary to uphold the values of love, compassion, sacrifice, forgiveness and selflessness in a diverse country like Nigeria, in recognition of what the true Christian faith teaches and recommends to all adherents.

He said the celebration of faith, hope and victory is an opportunity for reverent worship to God and prayers for the unity, stability and prosperity of the country, at a time like this.

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