Buhari not following founding fathers’ vision – Ortom

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Governor of Benue state, Dr. Samuel Ortom, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of not following the vision of the nation’s founding fathers which was built on unity and oneness.

Ortom said instead of bringing Nigeria together, Buhari has succeeded in dividing the country with intimidation and marginalisation.

The governor who said this in Enugu Thursday, in a lecture delivered at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, organised by NUJ Chapel, entitled: ‘Emerging Security Situation in the South East: the place of good governance’, noted that Buhari has abused power by not giving equal appointment and undermining federal character.

He said that he did not hate Buhari nor the Fulani but that he must speak in the face of marginalisation, intimidation and selective justice, pointing out that the Constitution must be respected.

Ortom said that for Nigeria to move in the path of unity and oneness, the people of Eastern Nigeria should be provided with adequate infrastructure.

“Eastern Nigeria deserve infrastructure and key appointment. Our founding fathers saw a vision of oneness and unity.

“The present administration has instead employed intimidation. I, Ortom will not keep quiet in the face of marginalisation, “he said, pointing out that he wants peace anchored on justice.

Ortom said whereas former President Goodluck Jonathan never threatened nor intimidated anybody, under President Buhari, intimidation of dissenting voices in a democracy has been the order of the day.

He lamented that it was Buhari who pushed out Jonathan with intimidation that if he did not win in 2015 that “baboons and monkeys will be soaked in blood.”

“Jonathan government never intimidated anybody but today, never in the history of the country has Nigeria been divided as it is,” he said.

Speaking on how bad things have degenerated under Buhari, Ortom said cost of goods and services have gone up to the extent that, “if nothing is done, a dollar would exchange for N1,000, pointing out that instead of putting Nigeria on the part of economic prosperity, Nigeria has indulged in borrowing.

He also accused Buhari of selective justice in that some people are chosen for persecution whereas other go scot-free.

“The administration has chosen selective justice. Once a person is corrupt and joins APC, he becomes a saint. People who have stolen billions are shielded but those that steal chicken are prosecuted, ” he alleges.

He pointed out that he was speaking out not to wage war but that Nigeria should be made better.

“We should be allowed to to say what we want to say. I am not speaking to wage war with Nigeria but that justice should be done.

Ortom, however, pleaded with the youth of Ndigbo not to destroy infrastructure in their place since the things they were destroying belonged to them.

He but urged the Igbo youth to employ dialogue instead, saying that dialogue was the best option.

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