Buhari urged to ‘firmly address insecurity’


President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to take strict measures to address the insecurity in parts of the country to stop the country from “sliding into anarchy.” A university lecturer, Prof.
David Iornem, who disclosed this to reporters in Kaduna, said Buhari helped to fight to unite the country, but warned that the President needed to “take firm decisions on the killings to restore peace across the country.” He said: “The Nigerian nation is sliding into anarchy; the situation is getting worse day by day.
What is happening in Nigeria today should not be scratched on the surface; they should go deep into it to discover the real problem.
President Muhammad Buhari fought for the unity of this country, he has two choices; to be firm on security and not allow anarchy to break up Nigeria, and he can also willingly allow the hard work of the past to be destroyed.
“When the thing started in Kaduna state and spread to Benue and Benue people were wailing, some people gave wrong interpretation to what was happening in Benue.
The President gave conflicting statements on the situation in Benue.
When he visited the state he urged Governor Ortom to accept his brothers, meaning the Fulani.
Actually we have no problems with the Fulani; we have lived together with them for a very long time.” Continuing, he said: “Also, when the president said ranching which is being promoted by Benue is not an acceptable way for the lives of a Fulani man, then few days after that he said the federal government will establish ranches in 10 states, including Benue.
If they come to establish a ranch in Benue state under which law will that ranch be managed, because Benue state has powers to make laws on such matters and there is a law and under the Benue law, you cannot establish a ranch and put a fence and stop government from looking into the ranch to see what is happening there.
“Will Buhari come and establish a ranch in Benue and stop Benue people from looking into what is happening there? If president Buhari is unable to monitor the arms being carried by Fulani people in the open, what guarantee do we have that inside his own federal government ranches, the people who are inside there will not stock themselves with arms and one day get up and attack us and take over our land.”

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